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Athens-Naxos: Fly Cheap & Easy for Under $70

Naxos harbor

Escape the hustle and bustle of Athens with a tranquil journey to Naxos, the largest and most diverse island in the Cyclades. Boasting breathtaking beaches, quaint villages, mesmerizing ancient ruins, and delectable cuisine, Naxos emerges as a perfect retreat for travelers.

Wondering how to journey from Athens to Naxos without spending a fortune? Can one discover budget-friendly flights that don’t compromise on convenience or comfort? The answer is a resounding yes. Knowing the right time to book, selecting the appropriate airlines, and employing savvy travel tips can lead to substantial savings. This guide will unveil how to enjoy a flight from Athens to Naxos for under $70, ensuring your trip is not only budget-friendly but also unforgettable.

Finding the Best Deals: How and When to Book

Securing a wallet-friendly price for your flight from Athens to Naxos hinges largely on the timing of your booking. Here, we delve into effective strategies for snagging the best deals and maximizing your savings.

Utilize the Low Fare Calendar

Tap into the potency of the Low Fare Calendar, a stellar tool for comparing prices to pinpoint the cheapest flying dates. It grants you a bird’s eye view of the lowest fares across each month and day, enabling you to select dates that match your schedule impeccably. Furthermore, it offers customization options like filtering by airline, number of stops, and specific departure and arrival times.

Booking in Advance vs. Last Minute Deals

As a general rule, booking in advance is the golden ticket to locking in low rates for your Athens to Naxos flight. Insights from Skyscanner suggest that the prime booking window is approximately 48 days before departure, which could slash prices by an average of 15%. Nevertheless, prices may fluctuate based on seasonality and demand, so it’s wise to regularly monitor rates and set up price alerts for updates.

Conversely, last-minute deals are a gamble, with prices typically on the uptick as the travel date looms. Nonetheless, for the flexible and daring, there are moments to discover last-ditch deals on unsold seats or due to cancellations. Utilizing tools like KAYAK Explore can unveil the cheapest possible destinations from your airport, and staying connected through newsletters and alerts from airlines and travel organizations can offer unexpected opportunities.

The Best Time of the Year to Score the Cheapest Flights

The cost of flying from Athens to Naxos is also tied to seasonal trends and destination popularity. The peak season spans from June to September, basking in warm, sunny weather and drawing a bustling tourist crowd to Naxos. During this window, expect heftier prices and scarce availability, making early booking and budget flexibility essential.

Conversely, the off-peak season extends from October to May. This cooler, wetter period sees Naxos relishing in tranquility, significantly reducing both crowd sizes and flight costs. This is an opportune time to secure phenomenal deals, enjoying a serene and genuine island experience.

Maximizing Value: Budget Airlines and Direct Flights

When planning your journey from Athens to Naxos, the selection of an airline and the type of flight can significantly influence both the cost and the quality of your trip. Let’s delve into strategies for enhancing value and reducing complications.

Olympic Air and Other Budget-Friendly Options

The primary carrier operating between Athens and Naxos is Olympic Air, a branch of Aegean Airlines. Olympic Air ensures daily direct services that span approximately 45 minutes, with fares commencing at $66 for a one-way ticket. Additionally, Olympic Air enriches your travel experience through its frequent flyer initiative, Miles+Bonus, enabling passengers to accrue and apply miles towards their journeys.

For those seeking alternatives, airlines such as Sky Express and Astra Airlines also ply this route, offering comparable direct flights of around 40 minutes. Fares for these flights start at $68 and $70 for a one-way journey, respectively. Despite operating smaller aircraft with fewer frills, these carriers are noteworthy for their reliability and suitability for short distances.

The Perks of Choosing Direct Flights

Selecting a direct flight when traveling from Athens to Naxos is a savvy approach to conserve both time and finances. Not only are direct flights generally more economical and comfortable, but they also eliminate the inconvenience associated with transfers, prolonged waits at terminals, and additional charges for baggage or transit.

These non-stop services are conducted throughout the year, departing from Athens International Airport—a hub well served by public transit, taxis, or personal vehicles. Arrivals are facilitated at Naxos Island National Airport, conveniently sited in proximity to the island’s central township and its renowned beaches.

Money-Saving Tips for Booking

Enhance your flight booking from Athens to Naxos with these money-preserving strategies:

  • Always cross-reference fares and seat availability across different platforms, including KAYAK, Skyscanner, or AEGEAN.
  • Consolidate your flight and lodging reservations into a single package for collective discounts on both stay and transport.
  • Stay alert for any promotional deals, offers, or discounts provided by airlines or travel agencies by subscribing to their newsletters.
  • Exercise flexibility in your travel dates and timings to identify the most cost-effective and convenient flight options.

Additional Tips for an Affordable Journey

Planning a trip from Athens to Naxos doesn’t have to be expensive. Beyond securing your flight, there are numerous strategies to enhance the affordability and enjoyment of your trip. Let’s explore some key tips to help you economize while planning your journey.

Combining Flights with Hotels and Rentals

A clever way to save on your travel expenses is to bundle your flight, hotel, and rental car reservations. Opting for package deals can help you unlock significant discounts on your accommodation and transportation, eliminating the need to sift through countless separate options. Popular platforms such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz offer combined flight and hotel packages, while KAYAK and Skyscanner are excellent for flight plus rental car deals. These options allow you to tailor your package to fit your preferences and budget, with a diverse selection of accommodations and rentals on Naxos.

Navigating Alternatives: Nearby Airports and Destinations

Exploring alternative airports and destinations close to Athens and Naxos can also lead to savings. Sometimes, opting for a different airport can be not only more cost-effective but also more convenient. This approach opens up opportunities to discover enchanting locales en route to Naxos. Consider flying via nearby airports such as Mykonos Airport, Paros Airport, and Santorini Airport, all situated within the Cyclades and providing services to and from both Athens and Naxos. Taking a ferry from these islands offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and a memorable addition to your travel experience.

Packing Smart and Light to Avoid Extra Fees

To further reduce costs on your Athens to Naxos flight, packing efficiently is key. By sticking to essentials and avoiding surplus items, you minimize luggage weight and size, sidestepping additional charges for checked or excess baggage. A lighter load not only saves money but also enhances comfort and mobility during your travels, freeing up space for those special souvenirs. Essential items for Naxos include versatile clothing and footwear for various conditions, beach essentials like a swimsuit and towel, sun protection gear, a camera for capturing memories, and crucial travel documents. Checking your airline’s baggage policy beforehand ensures your luggage complies with their guidelines.


Jetting off from Athens to Naxos promises a budget-friendly gateway to an enchanting vacation on one of Greece’s most stunning islands. Achieving this requires a mix of savvy deal hunting, selecting the optimal airlines and flights, and impeccable trip planning.

In this feature, we’ve demonstrated how to navigate your way from Athens to Naxos for less than $70, along with sharing a few insider tips and tricks to ensure your journey is not only cost-efficient but also thoroughly enjoyable. We trust you’ve found our insights both helpful and enlightening, setting you on a clear path to securing your flight and beginning your packing preparations.

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We appreciate your time in reading this, and wish you an incredible journey ahead!

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