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Top Santorini Hotels with Private Hot Tubs for 2024


Santorini, a jewel among global destinations, is renowned for its picture-perfect landscapes. With mesmerizing views of the caldera, the endless expanse of the Aegean Sea, and the legendary sunsets, this Greek island captivates the hearts of travelers. Beyond its natural beauty, Santorini is enriched with a deep-seated history, a vibrant culture, and a delectable cuisine that together craft an indelible journey.

Seeking to elevate your Santorini experience? Imagine basking in the ultimate comfort of your own room, with the luxury of a private hot tub where you can unwind and marvel at the idyllic surroundings.

Fortunately, Santorini is home to some of the world’s premier hotels featuring private hot tubs. These luxury accommodations are not just about splendor and sophistication; they afford you an intimate experience simply unparalleled elsewhere.

In this blog post, we’re excited to reveal the top Santorini hotels with private hot tubs for 2024. You’ll learn what sets these havens apart and how you can secure a reservation for an extraordinary escape. Prepare to immerse yourself in the creme de la creme of Santorini living!

Unrivaled Views and Luxury: Santorini’s Best Accommodations

Distinctive for its mesmerizing vistas of the caldera, Santorini’s allure primarily lies in its dramatic volcanic scenery. The island’s silhouette is shaped by this volcanic basin, a vista filled with shades of turquoise water, highlighted against the backdrop of stark white buildings and cerulean skies. To fully embrace these breathtaking panoramas, select an accommodation that not only boasts caldera views but also includes a private hot tub—the perfect setting for relaxation amid stunning surroundings.

Iconic Caldera Overlooks

Santorini’s premier hotels with private hot tubs are perched on the caldera edge, providing uninterrupted panoramic views to etch in your memory. Andronis Luxury Suites, for example, is a five-star hotel nestled in the enchanting village of Oia, which offers luxurious suites with private hot tubs and infinity pools. Picture yourself witnessing the spellbinding sunset right from your terrace, or enjoying a romantic, candlelit dinner set against this iconic view. Alternatively, Sienna Eco Resort, a boutique four-star retreat situated in the serene village of Exo Gonia, presents a different angle of Santorini’s splendor. With eco-friendly suites featuring private hot tubs and views stretching over the caldera and vineyards, the resort also offers an organic garden, yoga classes, and rejuvenating massage services.

Exclusive Privacy

Opting for a hotel with your own hot tub invites a level of privacy and intimacy unmatched by standard accommodations. Forget about sharing with strangers; here, you can relish in a personal haven where serenity reigns supreme, ideal for unwinding with your significant other or close companions. Tailor the experience even further by adjusting the hot tub’s temperature, jet intensity, and aromatherapy to your liking. To enhance your stay further, you’re just a call away from room service, champagne, or blossoming bouquets of flowers.

In-Room Amenities and Services

A private hot tub is just the beginning of the luxuries awaiting you. Expect your room to be outfitted with a king-size bed, flat-screen TV, minibar, coffee maker, personal safe, and hairdryer. Additionally, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, heating, and daily housekeeping are standard comforts. Some hotels go the extra mile, offering concierge services, laundry, airport transfers, car rentals, and curated tours. Plus, with access to the hotel’s restaurant, bar, fitness center, and sauna, your stay promises to be as comfortable as it is indulgent.

Top Picks: Santorini Hotels with Private Hot Tubs

Exploring Santorini and seeking the ultimate in relaxation and privacy? Our selection of top-tier hotels with private hot tubs caters to every kind of traveler, from those desiring opulence to those in search of romantic seclusion or distinctive boutique experiences. Here are our curated recommendations:

Lavish Retreats

For a sumptuous Santorini escape, these hotels provide the pinnacle of luxury, service, and amenities. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of expansive suites, private hot tubs, and mesmerizing caldera views. Top lavish retreats include:

  • Andronis Luxury Suites: A quintessential five-star experience in Oia, featuring 29 suites with private hot tubs and infinity pools. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets from your terrace or a romantic candlelit dinner overlooking the sea.
  • Canaves Oia Epitome: Epitomizing luxury, this exclusive five-star hotel in Oia has 24 villas with private hot tubs and plunge pools. Guests can also enjoy the main infinity pool, dining options, spa, and stunning hilltop Aegean views.
  • Grace Hotel Santorini: Part of the Leading Hotels of the World, this five-star Imerovigli escape offers 21 elegant rooms and suites, all with private hot tubs and balconies. The minimalist design palette enhances the heated infinity pool, dining, and lounge areas.

Romantic Hideaways

For couples seeking a serene and intimate setting, these hotels offer charming suites with private hot tubs and enchanting island views—ideal for special moments together. Best choices for romance are:

  • Astra Suites: This four-star Imerovigli retreat serves as a lover’s paradise, with 27 suites that feature private hot tubs and balconies. The edge-of-the-caldera location promises awe-inspiring volcano and sunset views.
  • Avaton Resort and Spa: A tranquil sanctuary in Imerovigli, this four-star hotel offers 9 suites, each with private hot tubs and terraces, complemented by an outdoor pool and exceptional views of the caldera and sea.
  • Perivolas: In the traditional village of Oia, this four-star hotel presents a genuine Santorini experience with 20 private hot tub suites, an infinity pool, and relaxing amenities in a peaceful, romantic setting.

Boutique Gems

For a more intimate and bespoke hotel experience, these are the hidden treasures of Santorini. Enjoy one-of-a-kind suites with private hot tubs and stunning views that capture the island’s unique beauty. Noteworthy boutique options include:

  • Sienna Eco Resort: Nestled in the quiet Exo Gonia, this four-star eco-resort houses 7 suites with private hot tubs, offers organic living right through to yoga and massage services, delivering a tranquil perspective of the island.
  • Art Maisons Oia Castle: An extraordinary four-star hotel set within Oia’s historic castle. It provides 9 creatively designed suites with hot tubs, vibrant amenities, and a cultural immersion into Santorini’s heritage.
  • Aenaon Villas: Perched atop Santorini at its highest point, this intimate four-star hotel in Imerovigli offers 7 villas with private hot tubs and terraces, alongside an outdoor pool and panoramic views of the caldera and sea.

Trendsetting Amenities and Services for 2024

The landscape of travel is constantly shifting, shaping the expectations and desires of those on the move. That’s precisely why Santorini’s premier hotels, renowned for their private hot tubs, are perpetually refining their offerings. They aim to deliver the most innovative amenities and services to elevate your Santorini experience. As we look ahead to 2024, let’s delve into these trendsetting features that are set to redefine luxury and comfort.

Technological Integration

Comfort and convenience are at the forefront of a memorable stay, which is why these exemplary hotels are embracing technological advancements. To enhance your stay, expect the integration of the latest gadgets including smart TVs, wireless speakers, and tablets, alongside the ease of voice assistants—facilitating effortless control over room ambiance, temperature, and entertainment. Imagine immersing yourself in Santorini’s splendor through virtual reality headsets, or capturing its essence with state-of-the-art drones and cameras, all provided by the hotel for an unparalleled experience.

Wellness Focus

In the present-day travel scene, wellness has emerged as a cornerstone, with guests craving ways to unwind and revitalize both body and mind. Recognizing this trend, Santorini’s finest hotels with private hot tubs are doubling down on wellness. Delight in a diverse array of services such as yoga, meditation, and personalized fitness regimes to maintain your equilibrium while away from home. For those seeking reprieve, there are spa treatments, massages, and aromatherapy sessions—perfect for melting away stress and enriching your overall well-being.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Environmental consciousness is becoming ever more integral to travelers’ decisions. In response, the leading hotels of Santorini have initiated a commitment to sustainable practices aimed at reducing their ecological footprint. You’ll find hotels harnessing renewable energy via solar panels and wind turbines, while championing the use of organic, locally-sourced products. These initiatives support the local community while offering you a guilt-free stay. Moreover, many establishments are adopting robust recycling and composting programs to further minimize their environmental impact.


Throughout this blog post, we’ve guided you through 2024’s premier Santorini hotels boasting private hot tubs. Detailing their remarkable qualities, we outlined how each establishment provides stunning views, opulence, seclusion, and exceptional amenities. These selections stand out as the ideal retreat for those yearning for peaceful indulgence and lavish comfort in Santorini, while immersing in the island’s enchanting allure in the most memorable way possible.

Don’t delay your dream getaway. Reserve your room at one of these exquisite hotels today, and brace yourself for a Santorini vacation that promises to be nothing short of dreamy. Trust us, it’s a decision you’ll look back on with absolute delight!


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