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All you need to know about Santorini’s Water Park

Embark on a splashing adventure this summer at Santorini Water Park, the ultimate destination for endless fun under the Greek sun. Perfectly positioned on the picturesque Perissa Beach, this premier water park in Santorini is a paradise for families, thrill-seekers, and those in search of a cool escape. Dive into excitement with a variety of water slides, take a relaxing drift along the lazy river, or ride the waves in the exhilarating wave pool. The King Cobra slide promises an adrenaline rush like no other! Santorini Water Park is a fusion of exhilarating water play and the island’s enchanting charm. Bask in the ambiance inspired by Santorini itself, from its iconic white and blue palette to the breathtaking volcanic landscape. Here, every splash comes with a view of the magnificent Aegean Sea. It’s not just about the slides and pools—Santorini Water Park is an immersive water fantasy offering an unforgettable experience that captivates all ages. Make memories that will last a lifetime with your family at Santorini’s most exciting water haven.

Attractions and Features of the Water Park

Welcome to Santorini Water Park – the perfect destination for those seeking adventure, relaxation, or just pure fun. Discover a range of attractions and features designed to delight all visitors:

Kid-Friendly Zones

Families with children can head straight to our specially crafted kids’ zones, offering a secure and joyous space for the little ones. The children’s play area is equipped with fun slides, swings, and a variety of toys, providing endless entertainment. Meanwhile, our children’s swimming pool ensures safe, shallow waters, always under the vigilant eyes of a lifeguard. Experienced trainers are also on hand, engaging the kids with creative games and activities.

Adrenaline-pumping Slides

Adventurers and thrill-seekers can challenge themselves on the water park’s exhilarating slides. Brave the King Cobra, a high-speed slide with serpentine twists and turns, or conquer the Kamikaze, Black Hole, and Crazy River slides – each offering a rush of speed and excitement.

Relaxing Lazy River

Those looking to unwind will relish the gentle embrace of the lazy river. Circle leisurely on a tube, taking in the picturesque vistas of the park and adjoining beach. The ambiance is further enhanced by a wave pool, simulating the gentle motions of the ocean.

Food and Drink Options

No need to worry about hunger or thirst with our diverse food and drink selections. The water park’s restaurant caters to all tastes, featuring an array of meals from fresh salads and hearty sandwiches to sizzling pizzas and succulent burgers. Savor the essence of Greece with traditional dishes like souvlaki, gyros, and tzatziki. For a refreshing break, our pool bar serves a variety of beverages and snacks, including coffee, fresh juices, ice cream, and fruit. Choose to luxuriate at poolside tables or recline on sumptuous sun loungers as you dine.

Sun Loungers and Cabanas

Looking for the perfect spot to sunbathe or unwind? Our water park offers convenient sun loungers that are complimentary and available to all guests. For a touch of luxury and privacy, consider renting one of our cabanas. Designed for comfort, each cabana comes with curtains, plush cushions, and cooling fans. Whether you opt for a full day or half-day rental, indulge in the exclusivity and the cool shade at your leisure.

Locker and Safety Facilities

Your safety and convenience are top priorities at our water park. Safeguard your personal items by using the lockers, conveniently situated near the park’s entrance. For your comfort, we have provided clean and roomy showers and changing rooms. In the event of an emergency, rest assured with our on-site lifeguard service and a fully-equipped first aid station, ready to assist you. Moreover, we diligently adhere to health and safety protocols, including regular disinfection, enforcing social distancing, and conducting temperature checks to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Planning Your Visit to Santorini Water Park

Awaiting you for a summer vacation, Santorini Water Park is more than just slides and pools—it’s the gateway to a multifaceted Santorini adventure. Below are some insights to enhance your visit to Santorini Water Park, ensuring you savor every moment on the island:

Nearby Attractions

Beautifully nestled on Perissa Beach, Santorini Water Park lies amidst some of the most vibrant beaches on the island. Here you can bask on the unique black sands, swim in crystal-clear waters, and indulge in exciting water sports. Close by, attractions beckon such as Perivolos Beach, and the historic Church of Timios Stavros. If adventure calls, embark on a boat tour to the awe-inspiring Santorini Volcano, the therapeutic Hot Springs, or the serene Thirassia Island. A visit to the postcard-perfect village of Oia is a must, where iconic sunsets and charming blue-domed houses await. Additionally, sites like Akrotiri Archaeological Site, the striking Red Beach, the Fira Cable Car, and an educating Santorini Wine Tour enrich your island experience.

Accommodation Tips

While Santorini Water Park doesn’t offer lodging, a variety of hotels and villas are readily available in the vicinity. Your choices span across the budget spectrum, whether you yearn for the luxury of Aqua Blue Hotel, Aqua Luxury Suites, and Aressana Spa Hotel and Suites, or prefer the affordability of Villa Clio, Villa Spyros, and Villa Valvis. Secure your stay via online platforms like Expedia, and be proactive—booking ahead is recommended due to Santorini’s popularity, especially in peak season. Don’t forget to confirm the operation hours of the water park to avoid disappointments during the off-season.

Local Dining Recommendations

Flavorsome experiences await at Santorini Water Park’s own restaurant and pool bar, where you can sample classic Greek cuisine including souvlaki, gyros, and tzatziki, or go for international favorites like salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers. Perissa Beach and beyond harbor a plethora of culinary gems such as Ntomatini, Meltemi Cocktail Bar, and Santa Irini Bakery. For an interactive gastronomic adventure, the Santorini Cooking Class is a delightful pick, where you can learn to whip up traditional Greek delights. Explore more dining recommendations on Tripadvisor.


If you’re a fan of aquatic adventures and captivated by the allure of Santorini, Santorini Water Park is your ultimate destination. This unique water park blends the exhilaration of water slides, the comfort of various pools, and the charm of diverse attractions with the stunning backdrop of a Greek paradise. Whether you’re seeking the adrenaline rush of the King Cobra slide, the serene float down the lazy river, or the dynamic waves of the wave pool, there’s something here to thrill every visitor.

Venture beyond the park to enhance your experience – take in the sun-soaked Perissa Beach, marvel at the awe-inspiring Santorini Volcano, or stroll through the picturesque Oia Village. Accommodations, culinary delights, and entertainment abound, catering to all tastes and budgets. Santorini Water Park is more than a destination – it’s an extraordinary adventure that beckons families to create lifelong memories. Don’t let this chance slip by. Secure your tickets today and gear up for the ultimate summer escapade in the enchanting embrace of Santorini’s water fantasy.


Does Santorini have a waterpark?

Currently, Santorini does not offer a full-scale waterpark. However, visitors can find a variety of water-based activities around the island to enjoy.

What is the largest waterpark in Greece?

The largest waterpark in Greece is the Waterland in Thessaloniki. It’s a widely acclaimed attraction offering an array of slides and pools for all ages.

Does Santorini have slides?

While Santorini itself doesn’t have a dedicated waterpark complete with slides, some hotels and resorts on the island feature their own water slides for guests to enjoy.

Can I drink Santorini tap water?

It is generally recommended to drink bottled water instead of tap water in Santorini. While the tap water is safe for other uses such as bathing and brushing teeth, bottled water is advisable for drinking due to the taste and mineral content.

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