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Windsurfing in Tinos : prices, places, and local companies (2024 guide)

Embark on a windsurfing adventure at Tinos Island, a gem in the north Aegean Sea renowned not only for its cultural allure and natural splendor but also as a windsurfer’s haven. This member of the Cyclades archipelago is blessed with steady north winds during the summer, offering ideal conditions for robust waves and riveting maritime experiences.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned windsurfer, Tinos caters to all skill levels with a variety of spots to choose from, each boasting its unique challenges and vistas. Dive into the glistening clear waters of a sandy beach, tackle the grand waves beside rocky coves, or unwind at a secluded bay complete with its own beach bar.

Our insider travel guide will uncover Tinos’s top windsurfing locales, pricing, and dependable local services. Plus, we’ll share essential tips for harmonizing your windsurfing escapades with Tinos’s other enchanting offerings. Ready to ride the waves?

The Best Windsurfing Spots in Tinos

If you’re planning a windsurfing adventure in Tinos, you’ll find plenty of spots catering to different experience levels and tastes. Let’s explore the top locations that should be on your radar for an unforgettable Tinos surf trip.

Kolymbithra Bay: A Windsurfer’s Treasure

Kolymbithra Bay is undisputedly the most famous and reliable spot for Tinos surf enthusiasts. Perfectly oriented to the north, it’s exposed to the vigorous Meltemi wind, which is responsible for generating superb left-hand waves, and occasionally a milder right one too. The sandy bay offers a safe haven with simple entry to the waves and without the hazards of sharks or treacherous rocks. Also noteworthy is the Tinos surf lessons project stationed at Kolymbithra, providing you with rental gear and expert advice from locals. It’s a haven for windsurfers of all levels, celebrated for its welcoming and enjoyable vibe.

Agios Fokas Beach: Perfect for Beginners and Pros

Agios Fokas Beach boasts a sprawling expanse of shoreline on Tinos’ southern coast, conveniently situated near the main town. With its mild waves and pristine waters, it’s a beginner-friendly locale, while still pleasing intermediates. Steady southern winds make it a consistent pick for windsurfing. For those needing gear or instruction, the beach’s windsurfing center has you covered. Additionally, Agios Fokas provides an idyllic setting to bask in the sun, complemented by ample facilities and conveniences nearby.

Livada Beach: The Challenge for Experienced Surfers

For those seeking a test of their prowess, Livada Beach is a remote stretch on the northeast coast, reached via a dirt track. This spot is known for its large waves and robust northern winds, the toughest conditions that Tinos has to offer. Livada Beach, with its rocky seabed and forceful currents, is not recommended for the inexperienced. However, if you are a seasoned surfer in pursuit of an exhilarating experience, the intense challenge of Livada will not disappoint. Do remember to come prepared with your own gear and a companion, as this wild beach lacks any amenities or services.

Windsurfing Costs in Tinos: What to Expect in 2024

Embark on an affordable and thrilling windsurfing adventure in Tinos. No matter your budget or requirements, a spectrum of opportunities awaits—from equipment rental and engaging lessons, to all-inclusive package deals. Dive into the expected costs for windsurfing in Tinos for the year 2024.

Rental Prices: Boards, Sails, and Full Equipment

For those bringing their own gear, the pristine Tinos waters are yours to conquer at no extra charge. But should you need to rent, various outlets provide boards, sails, and full gear sets at enticing rates. At the lively Kolimpithra Beach, grab a board and sail for just €15 per hour or €40 for an exhilarating full-day session. Essential add-ons like wetsuits, harnesses, or helmets are available at €5 each per day. Opt for a comprehensive equipment package, complete with board, sail, wetsuit, harness, and helmet, at a daily rate of €50.

Lesson Rates: From Beginner to Advanced Coaching

Whether you’re a novice or looking to polish your windsurfing prowess, expert instructors offer lessons tailored to every skill level, ranging from a brisk hour to an immersive week-long experience. At Tinos Surf Lessons, engage in a group session for only €25 per hour, delve into a private lesson at €40 per hour, or commit to a five-day course for €200. All lessons are inclusive of gear, insurance, and a ride to the day’s prime location. Plus, receive a certificate of completion to mark your progress at the end of your course.

Package Deals: Combining Accommodation and Windsurfing

Looking to blend savings with convenience? Package deals that marry accommodation with windsurfing are your perfect match. Choose from a variety of hotels and guesthouses offering exclusive rates tailored to windsurfing enthusiasts. Consider Tinos Beach Hotel by Agios Fokas Beach, a lavish four-star establishment with a pool, dining options, and a spa, where you enjoy a 10% discount on windsurfing gear and lessons. Or, for a homier vibe, the Agios Fokas Bungalows provide comfy apartments and studios, with a generous 15% discount on both equipment rentals and lessons at the adjacent windsurfing center.

Local Windsurfing Companies in Tinos

For those seeking to ride the waves on Tinos Island, the local windsurfing companies are ready to support your aquatic endeavors. They provide a full suite of services, such as equipment rental and repair, windsurfing lessons and coaching, as well as planning special events and trips. Consider the following top local windsurfing companies when you land in Tinos.

Tinos Windsurfing Center: A Hub for Wind Chasers

At the heart of Agios Fokas Beach, a windsurfing hot spot, lies the Tinos Windsurfing Center. Helmed by Nikos—a dedicated instructor with over two decades of expertise—this center equips you with top-notch gear and offers lessons catered to every proficiency level, from beginner to advanced. Immerse yourself in a windsurfing camp or join a thrilling windsurfing safari. Beyond the waves, enjoy amenities such as showers, lockers, and a welcoming snack bar. The Tinos Windsurfing Center welcomes enthusiasts from May to October, and you can secure your windsurfing experience either online or by contacting them directly via phone.

Aeolus Surf Club: Personalized Surfing Experiences

The Aeolus Surf Club is known for its tailored surfing experiences and inviting, home-like atmosphere. Nestled in Kolimpithra Beach—the island’s prime surfing location—its charming wooden hut with a seaside terrace is where you’ll meet Giorgos, an instructor with a deep connection to Tinos’s waves. Whether you’re in need of gear, eager to learn with tailored lessons, or seeking local wisdom on surfing spots, Giorgos is your go-to guide. He’ll even assist with your travel and stay arrangements. The Aeolus Surf Club operates from June to September, and reaching out is as simple as sending an email or connecting via Facebook.

Island Board Shop: Where the Pros Gear Up

When professional-grade equipment is what you seek for your Tinos surf trip, the Island Board Shop is your destination. Located conveniently in Tinos’s main town near the port, this shop is an authorized dealer for leading brands including Fanatic, North Sails, ION, and Mystic. Find everything from boards to sails, along with a variety of accessories and clothing. Benefit from the shop’s repair and maintenance services and glean valuable insight from the shop’s knowledgeable, surfing-enthusiast staff. Available year-round, the Island Board Shop invites you to explore their website or to give them a call for any additional information you might need.

Conclusion: Planning Your Windsurfing Vacation in Tinos

Recognized as a windsurfing haven, Tinos beckons with its exquisite natural landscapes, enchanting cultural allure, and consistently favorable winds. The island caters to all levels of expertise, offering a diverse range of windsurfing spots – from the tranquil waters of Kolimpithra Bay to the exhilarating waves at Livada Beach. Affordable and accessible, the windsurfing amenities on Tinos enhance your experience as you rent equipment, sign up for expert lessons, or opt for specially curated package deals.

For those eager to dive into the exhilaration of windsurfing in Tinos, now is the perfect time to start planning. Delve into the offerings of respected local companies like Tinos Windsurfing Center, Aeolus Surf Club, and Island Board Shop by checking their websites for availability and pricing. Alternatively, reach out to them directly to secure your booking. For additional insights and recommendations, flip through Travel Mood magazine’s sections on Tinos and other idyllic Greek isles. Remember to pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, and an eagerness for adventure – your Tinos windsurfing journey awaits!


Is Tinos too windy?

Tinos can indeed be quite windy, more so than other islands in the Cyclades, particularly during July and August. While this might be uncomfortable for some, it’s a characteristic feature of the island.

Can you surf in Tinos?

Absolutely! Tinos is recognized as one of Greece’s premier surfing destinations. The north-facing beaches, such as Kolymbithra, boast strong and dependable wind and wave conditions, making it ideal for the sport.

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