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Escape to Paradise: Agia Anna Naxos Uncovered

If your heart is set on a truly relaxing and authentic Greek island escapade, Agia Anna Naxos should top your list. This enchanting seaside hamlet, nestled on the northern shores of Naxos—the Cycladic archipelago’s largest and most varied isle—embodies the quintessence of beauty, heritage, and convenience. Here, the golden sandy beaches merge with crystal-clear waters, a quaint fishing port unfurls its picturesque charm, and traditional taverns and cafes invite you to savor the local flavors. Beyond the allure of Agia Anna itself, the area boasts remarkable sights, including the mesmerizing Agios Prokopios beach, the ancient Temple of Demeter, and the vibrant scenes of Naxos Town. Whether you’re yearning for a serene couple’s retreat, a memorable family holiday, or an invigorating solo journey, Agia Anna Naxos promises a slice of paradise that feels like your very own.

The Serene Beauty of Agia Anna Beach

Agia Anna Beach stands as a jewel among the beaches on Naxos Island, celebrated for its popularity and picturesque scenery. This beautiful stretch is a seamless extension of Agios Prokopios Beach, both sharing the signature crystal-clear turquoise waters and stunning sandy expanses. Yet, Agia Anna has a unique allure, merging the pristine natural landscape with the quaint essence of a traditional fishing port and village. In this guide, we delve into the captivating features and attractions that make Agia Anna Beach an idyllic holiday destination.

The Pristine Waters and Golden Sands

What first captures the heart at Agia Anna Beach is the exceptional clarity of the water—crystal clear, tranquil, and invigorating, perfect for swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts. The beach, with its soft, golden sand, extends roughly a kilometer along the shore. Its fine, clean sands and well-maintained facilities make for a comfortable stay. Equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, changing rooms, and showers, the beach ensures a convenient and accessible outing. Moreover, it’s easily reachable by car, bike, or bus, with public parking available nearby.

Beach Amenities and Activities

Agia Anna Beach is more than a serene spot for sunbathing and soaking in the sea; it’s a vibrant hub of fun and adventure. The beach is dotted with a variety of beach bars and cafes where you can savor a drink or a meal, set to a backdrop of soothing music and the gentle sound of waves. For those looking to take something home, shops and mini markets offer souvenirs, beachwear, and essentials. Adventure seekers will be pleased with the array of water sports available, including windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet skiing, and parasailing. You also have the option to rent a boat or a kayak to venture into the surrounding coves and islands. For a change of pace, a coastal road walk or bike ride reveals the other charming beaches and villages of Naxos.

Photogenic Spots and Sunset Views

Importantly, Agia Anna Beach is a haven for photography enthusiasts, boasting numerous photogenic spots such as the colorful fishing boats of the small port, the quaint white chapel of Agia Anna, the cedar trees and dunes, and the intriguing rock formations and caves. Positioned to face west, the beach offers mesmerizing sunset views every evening. The horizon paints a magical scene as the sun dips, creating a kaleidoscope of colors and reflections. Whether from the beach, a beach bar, or aboard a boat, witnessing the sunset here promises a truly romantic and unforgettable moment.

Dining and Leisure in Agia Anna

Agia Anna Naxos isn’t just a breathtaking beach destination; it’s also a hotspot for savoring local cuisine and soaking in the chill vibes of the beach bars. Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy traditional taverna, a fashionable cafe, or a vibrant club, Agia Anna caters to every taste and mood. In this guide, we’ll dive into the best dining and leisure options in Agia Anna and explain why they’re must-visit spots.

Local Cuisine at Waterfront Tavernas

Agia Anna showcases an impressive variety of waterfront tavernas, where the true taste of Naxos and Greece comes to life. Nestled along the beachfront and port area, these tavernas serve up fresh seafood, succulent grilled meats, crisp salads, flavorful cheese, and other regional delights. Notable mentions include Akrogiali, Deoudas, Palatia, and Faros, all known for their warm atmosphere and breathtaking sea and sunset views. Here, dining pairs perfectly with a glass of local wine or ouzo, encapsulating the essence of Greek hospitality.

Chill Vibes at Beach Bars

For those seeking a relaxed setting to enjoy a drink and some music, Agia Anna’s beach bars are the ideal choice. Positioned on the sand or close to the beach, these bars exude a laid-back and cool atmosphere. A diverse selection of drinks awaits, from coffee and juice to inventive cocktails and beer, along with snacks and light meals. Popular spots like Banana, Peppermint, and Byammo boast modern, stylish decors and frequently host exciting events, parties, and live music sessions. It’s the perfect place to unwind, watching the waves and stars.

Activities for Everyone

Agia Anna offers more than just exquisite dining and drinking options; it’s a hub for fun and adventure. The beach and village are teeming with activities to suit all interests, from thrilling water sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet skiing, and parasailing to leisurely boat or kayak explorations of serene coves and islands. For land-based adventure, cycle or stroll along the coastal road to discover Naxos’s other charming beaches and villages. History buffs can visit the ancient Temple of Demeter, while those looking to immerse themselves in local life can head to Naxos Town to marvel at the iconic Portara, the Venetian castle, and the Archaeological Museum.

Accommodation: Staying in Paradise

Agia Anna, Naxos, is home to a variety of accommodation options designed to cater to all types of travelers, regardless of budget or preference. From luxurious hotels and cozy apartments to budget-friendly studios, Agia Anna ensures you find the perfect place to stay. In this guide, we’ll deep dive into the different types of accommodation available in Agia Anna, covering their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Luxury to Budget Options

For those looking to indulge in luxury, Agia Anna boasts several four-star hotels renowned for their exceptional services and amenities. Prime examples include the Iria Beach Art Hotel, Cycladic Islands Hotel & Spa, and Anais Of Naxos. These establishments offer elegantly appointed rooms, swimming pools, spas, and dining facilities, all strategically located to provide breathtaking views of the seaside and sunsets. However, be mindful of their higher price points, especially during peak seasons.

On the more affordable side, Agia Anna offers three-star hotels and guesthouses like Hotel Katerina Agios Prokopios, The Artemis Hotel, and Hotel Fanis. These establishments provide comfortable accommodations with essential amenities such as air conditioning, TV, fridge, and Wi-Fi, possibly including balconies, gardens, or terraces. They present a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, albeit with fewer luxury amenities.

For those on a strict budget, several studios and apartments like Theofanis Studios, Studios Farma, and Summer Dream II offer practical self-catering options. Equipped with kitchenettes and living areas, these choices allow for a more private and personalized stay. They are undeniably the most economical choice, though they may not boast the best locations, views, or services.

Family-Friendly Stays

Traveling with family necessitates accommodations that cater to the needs of all family members. Agia Anna does not disappoint, offering hotels and apartments equipped with family rooms, playgrounds, babysitting services, kids’ clubs, and special menus designed for families. Notable family-friendly accommodations include Manios Suites, HOTEL KAPARI, and Naxos Dream Studios. These options provide a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring a memorable stay for both parents and children.

Seaside vs. Town Proximity

Deciding between staying by the sea or closer to the town is a crucial consideration in Agia Anna. Accommodations right on the beach, like the Iria Beach Art Hotel, Cycladic Islands Hotel & Spa, and The Artemis Hotel, offer unprecedented access to the beach, perfect for those eager to soak in the beach life. However, these options may come with higher price tags and greater crowds.

Alternatively, accommodations near the town—such as Hotel Katerina Agios Prokopios, Hotel Fanis, and Anais Of Naxos—provide easier access to shopping, dining, and entertainment. Though these may be more convenient for explorers wanting to venture into the island and town, they do require some form of transportation to reach the beach.


A paradise on earth, Agia Anna in Naxos encapsulates the quintessential Greek island experience. Here, you’re invited to relax on pristine sandy shores, dive into the crystal-clear blue waters, and marvel at the spectacular sunsets. Savour the delicious local cuisine, unwind with a drink at one of the charming beach bars, and engage in exhilarating water sports and activities. Beyond the beach, delve into Naxos’ rich history and culture, exploring nearby attractions and quaint villages. Whether you’re searching for luxury lodging, a cozy apartment, or a budget-friendly studio, Agia Anna accommodates every preference and budget. This destination promises to enamor you with the island’s beauty and its warm-hearted people. Don’t miss this chance to escape to paradise—book your trip to Agia Anna Naxos today!


How many days do you need in Naxos?

Deciding how many days to spend in Naxos truly hinges on your interests and travel plan. Typically, 3 to 5 days are recommended to fully experience its diverse attractions, charming villages, and stunning beaches.

What is the longest beach in Naxos?

Plaka Beach holds the title as the longest beach in Naxos, boasting about 5 km of glistening golden sand and striking sand dunes. It’s a peaceful retreat with deep emerald waters and picturesque scenery, making it a must-visit for beach lovers.

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