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Unveiling Lianos: A Gem in Naxos’ Heart

Naxos, a Greek island, is celebrated for its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural landscapes. It’s the largest and most fertile of the Cyclades, boasting magnificent beaches, charming villages, and historical sites. Among its numerous attractions, the Lianos Village Hotel shines brightly, capturing the essence of Naxos with its charm and elegance.

The Lianos Village Hotel, a family-operated establishment, features eight quaint buildings designed in the traditional Cycladic style, nestled above the Agios Prokopios bay. Situated merely 380 meters from the beach—renowned for its crystal-clear waters and fine golden sands—the hotel offers a distinctive aura of relaxation and comfort, making it an unparalleled destination.

In this blog post, we delve into the allure of Lianos Village Hotel, revealing why it stands as a crown jewel in Naxos. Journey with us as we explore its serene beauty, authentic atmosphere, and exceptional services and facilities. Ideal for romantic retreats, family holidays, or solo explorations, Lianos Village Hotel promises an unforgettable experience. Discover why it ranks among Naxos’ premier accommodations.

Discover the Essence of Lianos Village

Experience more than just accommodation at Lianos Village; immerse yourself in an environment that mirrors Naxos’s rich history and vibrant culture. We’re about to unveil how Lianos Village not only captures but also magnifies the essence of the island, bridging its ancient roots with contemporary lifestyles.

A Village Steeped in History

Naxos is a tapestry of history, stretching back thousands of years. Once a pivotal cultural hub in classical Greece and Byzantium, it served as a melting pot for civilizations and religious practices. Lianos Village honors this legacy, blending local architecture and art into its very fabric. The village is a picturesque ensemble of eight small buildings, each echoing the traditional Cycladic style with whitewashed walls, blue doors and windows, complemented by stone accents. Inside, rooms are adorned with artwork and sculptures from local talent, some featuring antique furnishings and artifacts. The establishment proudly hosts a library brimming with literature on Naxos’s history and culture, alongside a museum collection enriched with vintage photographs, maps, and documents.

Cultural Tapestry and Local Lifestyle

Naxos transcends its historical significance, boasting a lively culture and lifestyle. The island thrives with activities and experiences ranging from festive celebrations and musical events to gourmet food and athletic endeavors. Lianos Village celebrates this diversity, offering guests a genuine slice of Naxian life. The hotel orchestrates cultural events and workshops including cooking classes, wine tastings, and arts such as pottery and painting. Emphasizing exploration, it arranges excursions to the island’s marvels like the Temple of Demeter, the marble quarries, Flerio Valley, and the Kouros Statue. Lianos Village sustains a harmonious bond with the local community, actively promoting the local economy through the use of indigenous products and services.

A Journey Through Lianos’ Natural Beauty

Enveloped by nature’s breathtaking charm, Lianos Village offers an experience that will delight your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. In this guide, we embark on a visual and sensory journey through the exquisite landscapes and captivating vistas accessible from the comfort of the hotel and its immediate vicinity. Furthermore, we’ll share a selection of walks and hikes tailored to immerse you fully in the splendor of nature and unveil the secret wonders of Naxos.

Stunning Landscapes and Breathtaking Views

Lianos Village boasts an exceptional position, perched above the bay of Agios Prokopios. The hotel serves up panoramic views encompassing the sea, sky, and neighboring islands, conjuring a spellbinding panorama that evolves through the day and across seasons. From the privacy of your balcony, by the pool, or within the lush garden, witness the sunrise and sunset casting magical hues and reflections. At night, the skies transform into a serene and romantic celestial display.

Beyond the aquatic vistas, Lianos Village is cradled by verdant hills, olive groves, vineyards, and a kaleidoscope of floral beauty, offering a striking contrast to the azure waters and the crisp whitewash of the architecture. Nestled within 8,000 square meters of meticulously landscaped gardens, guests are invited to unwind amidst the fragrant and picturesque flora. The hotel also operates a quaint farm, home to chickens, rabbits, and goats, providing an engaging experience for visitors. With its homegrown fruits and vegetables, the hotel prides itself on preparing scrumptious meals for its guests.

Walks and Hikes: Embracing Nature’s Splendor

For those eager to explore the natural allure of Naxos beyond the hotel’s confines, a diversity of walks and hikes await, catering to various tastes and fitness levels. A leisurely stroll to the beach of Agios Prokopios, merely 380 meters away, rewards you with crystal-clear waters and golden sands. Venture further to discover the charming beaches of Agia Anna and Plaka, each offering unique facilities and leisure options. The quaint village of Agios Prokopios, with its array of shops, cafes, and eateries, presents a glimpse into traditional local life.

For the more intrepid, the mountains and valleys of Naxos beckon, hiding away the island’s treasured secrets. Scale the heights of Mount Zas, standing tall at 1,004 meters, for awe-inspiring views that span across the island to the sea beyond. Explore the Flerio Valley, where ancient marble quarries and the enigmatic Kouros Statue, a colossal unfinished relic from the 6th century BC, sit silently. The Temple of Demeter, dedicated to the goddess of agriculture, offers another intriguing historical site amidst Naxos’ natural beauty. These adventures represent just a fraction of what awaits in Naxos, marrying its rich history and vibrant culture with the breathtaking beauty of the natural landscape.

Lianos Village: A Hub of Tranquility and Authenticity

Welcome to Lianos Village: more than just a place to stay, it’s a serene hideaway that offers a true slice of home. This section unveils how to immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of Lianos Village, savor the local gastronomy, and experience the exceptional service that makes every guest feel welcomed.

From Dawn to Dusk: A Day in Lianos Village

Your day at Lianos Village begins with a scrumptious breakfast, available in our restaurant or delivered right to your room. Options abound, including eggs, bacon, pancakes, yogurt, fruits, bread, jam, honey, and freshly brewed coffee. Ingredients are fresh, local, and often sourced from our very own farm and garden.

Post-breakfast, unwind by the pool, nestled amongst sunbeds, umbrellas, and swaying palm trees. With breathtaking sea and sky views, it’s an idyllic spot to bask in the sun and enjoy the gentle breezes. Don’t hesitate to indulge in refreshing drinks and tasty snacks from our pool bar, featuring cocktails, juices, and sandwiches.

For adventurers eager to explore, our car and bike rental service makes finding the perfect mode of transportation easy. Ask our knowledgeable staff for personalized recommendations or to arrange fascinating excursions to Naxos’s highlights, like the Temple of Demeter, marble quarries, Flerio Valley, and the Kouros Statue.

Evenings invite a return to the hotel for a romantic dinner in the restaurant, offering traditional Greek cuisine with a contemporary flair. Feast on dishes like moussaka, stuffed vine leaves, grilled fish, and salads, all prepared with local, organic ingredients. Elevate your dining experience with our homemade wine and cheese, direct from our vineyard and dairy.

After your meal, relax in the hotel’s lounge, boasting a fireplace, library, and TV. Enjoy a book, movie, or board game, making for memorable moments with loved ones. The hotel also hosts cultural events and workshops, including cooking classes, wine tasting, and arts like pottery and painting.

Accommodation and Local Delicacies

Lianos Village presents a variety of accommodation options to match your preference and budget. Choose from 34 rooms and suites, all equipped with private balconies or terraces, air conditioning, refrigerators, TV, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The decor, a blend of simplicity and elegance, features white and blue hues, wooden furnishings, and local artwork. Select rooms offer four-poster beds, antique elements, and sea views.

Our special honeymoon package adds sparkle to your celebration, with champagne, a fruit basket, and a candlelit dinner. Additional treats include a massage, exquisite floral arrangements, and a surprise gift for the happy couple.

Experience the true flavors of Naxos at Lianos Village, where our restaurant and pool bar serve dishes and drinks created from local, organic ingredients. Discover our homemade wine and cheese, partake in cooking classes, and relish wine tasting events that teach you the art of traditional Greek cuisine.


Lianos Village Hotel stands as a treasure within the heart of Naxos, offering a sanctuary where the island’s soul can truly be felt. It’s more than just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to experiencing the rich history and culture of Naxos. From its breathtaking natural landscapes to the exquisite local cuisine, the hotel promises an immersion into authenticity and beauty. Lianos Village Hotel isn’t merely a hotel—it’s a destination in itself, a serene and genuine haven that instantly feels like home.

No matter what you’re seeking—a romantic escape, a memorable family holiday, or an adventurous solo journey—Lianos Village Hotel is your ideal pick. Don’t let this opportunity slip away; it’s your chance to indulge in one of Naxos’ finest hotels. Make your reservation at Lianos Village Hotel now; regret is not a concern here. Awaited by open arms and warm smiles, we’re here to turn your dream holiday into reality. Contact us today, and embark on a vacation that you’ll cherish forever.


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