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2024 Guide: Navigating the Kos-Santorini Ferry Journey

Embarking on a journey from Kos to Santorini by ferry offers a picturesque and unforgettable experience. Imagine sailing across the stunning Aegean Sea, with the unique volcanic vistas of Santorini coming into view, and the captivating harbors of both islands welcoming you. This voyage not only promises breathtaking scenery, but also the chance to uncover other exquisite stops such as Amorgos, Naxos, and Paros.

Wondering how to seamlessly organize your voyage from Kos to Santorini? Searching for the optimal travel times, premier ferry operators, or essential travel tips? This comprehensive guide is your companion to understanding ferry timetables, pricing, and services, ensuring that you make informed decisions about your travel options. Whether your priorities lie with speed, comfort, or cost-effectiveness, we’ll assist you in pinpointing the ideal ferry to suit your preferences.

Are you prepared for an extraordinary island-hopping excursion? Let’s commence this remarkable journey together!

Scheduling Your Trip: Timetables and Frequency

Checking the timetables and frequency of the ferry service is a crucial step when planning your journey from Kos to Santorini. The schedule and availability of the service can change based on several factors including the season, the day, and the type of ferry, so it’s essential to stay informed.

Ferry Schedule Overview

Travelers have a choice between two types of ferries: conventional and high-speed. Conventional ferries have a longer journey time, roughly 6 hours, but tend to be more budget-friendly and provide various amenities like cabins, restaurants, and lounges. In contrast, high-speed ferries can get you there in about 3 hours, though they typically cost more and offer fewer services.

Most travelers will take a route from Kos to Santorini with a transfer at Amorgos. However, there are direct routes during the bustling summer months, which are not as frequent during other times. Key ferry operators include Blue Star Ferries, Seajets, and Dodekanisos Seaways.

Frequency of Service

The ferry service from Kos to Santorini is seasonal. Peak season, which spans July and August, offers daily departures, often with multiple ferries a day. Conversely, the off-peak season, from October to May, sees a reduced schedule, and there may be days with no service. For the latest schedule, it’s best to consult an online booking platform like, where you can also review prices and compare operators.

Seasonal Adjustments to Schedules

Keep in mind that schedules are flexible and may be subject to change due to factors like weather or technical issues. To avoid any inconveniences, verify the most current timetable before departure and aim to be at the port at least an hour early. For further details, reach out to the ferry companies directly or visit their official websites. In instances of cancellations or delays, you should review the terms of your ticket as you may qualify for a refund or rescheduling.

Choosing Your Ferry: Operators, Ticket Classes, and Amenities

When planning your Kos to Santorini ferry trip, it’s essential to select an operator, ticket class, and amenities that align with your preferences and budget. To make an informed decision, consider factors like speed, comfort, price, and availability. Here’s a breakdown of your main options.

Comparing Ferry Operators

Three primary operators manage the Kos to Santorini route: Blue Star Ferries, Seajets, and Dodekanisos Seaways. Blue Star Ferries, the largest and most reputable, provides conventional ferries, featuring spacious cabins, restaurants, lounges, and shops. On the other end, Seajets is known for its speedy service, albeit at a higher cost, with high-speed ferries offering less space and fewer facilities. Dodekanisos Seaways, more economical, operates catamarans with essential provisions and seating arrangements. You can easily compare their prices, schedules, and availability on online booking sites such as or

Ticket Classes and What They Offer

Each ferry operator and vessel type comes with various ticket classes: economy, business, cabin, and deck. Economy seats are the most affordable, providing a seat in an air-conditioned area. Business class offers enhanced comfort with premium seats in exclusive lounges featuring panoramic views. For utmost privacy and convenience, cabin class provides a personal area with beds and an en-suite bathroom. Alternatively, deck tickets are the most basic, granting you a spot on the ferry’s open deck to unwind on your mat or sleeping bag. Choose a ticket that fits your comfort requirements and budget, which can be booked online or at the terminal.

Amenities Available Onboard

The onboard amenities vary by ferry operator and vessel. Generally, conventional ferries boast a wider array of amenities in comparison to high-speed ferries or catamarans. Standard features on most ferries include restrooms, WiFi, power outlets, snack bars, eateries, cafés, stores, TVs, and music systems. Some ferries even offer enhanced comforts such as private cabins, exclusive lounges, sun decks, children’s playgrounds, pet-friendly zones, and facilities for individuals with disabilities. For details on each operator’s offerings, visit their websites or booking portals. Remember, you’re welcome to bring personal items like snacks, beverages, reading materials, or games to enhance your travel experience.

Preparing for the Journey: Booking, Boarding and Travel Tips

Embarking on a trip from Kos to Santorini requires some key preparations. To ensure a smooth journey, consider these booking strategies, boarding essentials, and practical travel advice.

How to Book Your Tickets in Advance

Securing your ferry tickets ahead of time is best done online. Platforms like,, and allow you to compare prices, check availability, and choose from different operators. Alternatively, booking directly through the ferry companies’ websites, such as,, or, might present exclusive deals. Advance online booking not only helps avoid long lines but may also lead to cost savings. You’ll have the convenience of printing your tickets or receiving them via email or SMS. Should you prefer the traditional route, purchasing tickets at the port or through a travel agency is feasible, though it might cost more and seats could be limited.

Boarding Procedures and Requirements

Boarding your ferry to Santorini is a straightforward process. Plan to arrive at the Kos port at least one hour prior to departure—or two hours if you’re bringing a vehicle. When checking in, present your ticket and a valid ID or passport to receive your boarding card. Remember to manage luggage check-in and settle any additional fees if traveling with pets or vehicles. Once that’s handled, proceed to your assigned seat or cabin. Deck ticket holders are free to find a spot on the open deck or in shared spaces. Always adhere to both the crew’s guidance and the onboard safety and hygiene regulations.

Essential Travel Tips for a Smooth Ride

To enhance your ferry experience from Kos to Santorini, consider these essential tips. Stay informed about the weather and ferry status to anticipate any changes or cancellations. Keep your luggage light, bringing only necessities like water, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a jacket, and some form of entertainment. For your comfort, dress in layers to easily adjust to varying temperatures. Mitigate seasickness by taking preventive medication, staying hydrated, eating gentle snacks, and focusing on the horizon. Lastly, revel in the scenic views, onboard amenities, and the opportunity to socialize with fellow travelers, making your ferry ride an adventure in itself.


Embarking on the ferry journey from Kos to Santorini is an exceptional way to immerse yourself in the stunning vistas and rich culture of the Greek islands. It’s an adventure that blends relaxation with exploration, offering a comfortable and cost-effective mode of travel. That said, it’s crucial to meticulously plan your trip, considering various aspects such as schedules, ferry companies, classes of tickets, and onboard facilities. Preparation is key, and it’s important to anticipate certain challenges like varying weather conditions, boarding processes, and the possibility of seasickness. With the insights and recommendations provided in this guide, you can ensure a hassle-free and unforgettable experience on your trip from Kos to Santorini.

Don’t hesitate—book your ferry tickets now and embark on an exciting island-hopping journey that awaits!


How long is the ferry from Kos to Santorini?

The duration of the ferry journey from Kos to Santorini typically ranges between 4.5 to 7 hours, depending on the ferry service and weather conditions.

Is Kos close to Santorini?

Geographically, Kos is not very close to Santorini. The distance by sea is significant, and a ferry ride is required to cover the inter-island distance. Regular ferry services connect the two islands.

What is the quickest ferry to Santorini?

The quickest ferry service to Santorini is usually a high-speed ferry, which can significantly reduce travel time compared to conventional ferries. To find the fastest option, it’s advisable to check current schedules and availability.

How much is the ferry to Santorini?

Ferry ticket prices to Santorini can vary widely based on the season, type of ferry, and class of service. On average, prices may range from €20 to €70. For the most precise pricing, it’s best to consult the specific ferry company’s rates closer to your travel date.

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