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Top Family-Friendly Accommodations in Santorini: 2024 Guide

Santorini continues to capture hearts as one of Greece’s most beloved destinations—for good reason. This enchanting island captivates with panoramic views of its iconic caldera, the dormant volcano, and the glistening Aegean Sea. Beyond its striking vistas, Santorini is imbued with quaint villages, delectable cuisine, and a deep cultural heritage. But don’t be mistaken, Santorini isn’t just for lovers on a romantic retreat; it’s an equally fantastic choice for family vacations. From sun-soaked beaches and historical explorations to exciting activities, there’s a slice of paradise here for every age.

Considering a family trip to Santorini but unsure about accommodations? Given the plethora of choices, pinpointing the perfect stay for your family’s preferences and budget might seem daunting. That’s precisely why we’ve crafted this comprehensive guide—to aid you in discovering the finest family-friendly hotels in Santorini. We’ve meticulously handpicked these establishments based on their exceptional locations, amenities, guest reviews, and value for money. Furthermore, we’ve sprinkled in some essential tips and tricks to ensure your family’s Santorini adventure is as memorable as it can be.

The Allure of Santorini for Family Getaways

Santorini shines as the ultimate destination for families looking for an unforgettable getaway. There are countless reasons to venture to this idyllic island for your next family trip, among which some of the standout factors include:

Magical Views and Activities for All Ages

Santorini, renowned for its stunning scenery, is celebrated for the breath-taking caldera views on offer from numerous hotels and quaint villages. Picture starting your day with a panoramic vista of the glistening sea against the dramatic backdrop of white cliffs or being captivated by the sunset as it drenches the horizon in splendid hues of pink and orange. These moments are perfect for your children to capture images and create memories in a setting that resembles a fairy tale.

However, Santorini’s allure extends beyond its vistas; the island is a treasure trove of both fun and educational activities for families. Delve into the mysteries of the ancient sites of Akrotiri and Thera to uncover the rich history and cultural heritage of the island. Embark on a thrilling visit to the active volcano and feel the heat of the hot springs, revealing the geological marvels of Santorini. For a touch of exploration, take a boat tour to nearby islands like Thirassia and Anafi to experience authentic traditional life and the pristine nature of the Cyclades archipelago.

Child-Friendly Amenities to Look For

In making your family’s stay in Santorini as enjoyable as possible, selecting the right hotel is key. Seek out these child-friendly amenities:

  • A swimming pool: Amid Santorini’s picturesque beaches, some may have rugged terrain or heat-retaining black sand. In contrast, a hotel swimming pool provides a safe and cooling retreat for some aquatic fun with your children.
  • A spa: Unwind in Santorini by indulging in rejuvenating spa treatments. While you relax, some hotels offer kid-friendly services including manicures, pedicures, and facials, ensuring relaxation is an experience shared by the whole family.
  • Breakfast offerings: Start your day with a delectable and convenient breakfast at your hotel. Fill up on a variety of choices such as fresh fruit, yogurt, cereals, eggs, and pastries. Some establishments include breakfast in the price, offering both convenience and savings.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Family-Friendly Hotels

Understanding why Santorini is an excellent destination for your family getaway, the next step is pinpointing the perfect hotel for your stay. It’s a decision that hinges on several crucial factors, and here’s a rundown of the most pivotal:

Location: Convenience and Safety

Though Santorini may be small, its regions differ greatly, offering varied experiences. Your choice should reflect your family’s preferences, needs, and budget. Let’s explore the primary locales:

  • Fira: As the bustling hub of Santorini, Fira overflows with shopping, dining, and cultural spots, complemented by the island’s central bus station for easy commuting. Proximity to the airport and port is a plus, but be prepared for the potential cacophony and bustle of peak tourist seasons, along with possibly limited caldera vistas.
  • Oia: The epitome of charm and romance, Oia captivates with its postcard-perfect sunsets and pristine architecture. Family stroller accessibility is commendable here, amidst the tranquility and premium amenities. However, the trade-off includes higher costs and throngs of sunset admirers, not to mention it’s a trek from the airport and port.
  • Firostefani and Imerovigli: Nestled between Fira and Oia, these tranquil havens offer awe-inspiring caldera views and a serene retreat. A sprinkling of shops and eateries are present, with Fira within a modest walk, ensuring a balance of relaxation and accessibility to central attractions.
  • Kamari and Perissa: These beachside spots on the east coast contrast the caldera with ebony sands and a variety of aquatic leisure pursuits. They cater to a more relaxed budget and are ideal for beach-lovers, yet lack the quintessential caldera panorama and classic Santorinian allure.

Services: From Babysitting to Entertainment

A hotel’s offerings can elevate your family’s comfort and pleasure. Search for establishments that resonate with both the youngsters and grown-ups in your party. Essential services to consider include:

  • Babysitting: For those moments you wish to unwind or savor a couple’s evening, investigate hotels that provide skilled babysitting services, ensuring you can relax knowing your children are in safe hands.
  • Entertainment: To keep the young ones delighted, seek hotels featuring children’s clubs, play areas, or assorted activities suitable for various ages. Verify the programmes available to guarantee they align with your children’s needs and interests.
  • Transportation: For island exploration, consider hotels with transport services like airport shuttles or car rentals, prioritizing both convenience and safety in your selection.

Accommodation Types: Suitability for Families

The final element in choosing an ideal hotel is the nature and scale of the lodgings. Aim for an option that caters to your family’s size and comfort, equipped with your essential amenities. Here are some accommodation styles to contemplate:

  • Suites and Villas: For spacious and private luxury, especially for larger families, suites and villas are top choices, often coming with multiple rooms and exclusive features like private pools. However, these options are at a premium and may not be widespread across all establishments.
  • Family Rooms: A more cost-efficient choice for smaller families could be a family room, typically accommodating multiple persons through extra bedding solutions and sometimes offering connecting options.
  • Amenities and Features: Regardless of your accommodation type, essential comforts like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and other facilities should be on your checklist. Cleanliness, upkeep, and overall ambiance are also crucial factors in your final booking decision.

Top Picks for Family-Friendly Accommodations in Santorini

Searching for the perfect family-friendly hotels in Santorini that suit your budget and taste? Look no further. We’ve put together a curated list of our top accommodation recommendations, organized into three categories: luxurious retreats, mid-range comforts, and budget-friendly stays. Discover our top picks for your family’s next memorable getaway:

Luxurious Retreats for the Whole Family

Ready to indulge in a lavish vacation experience with your loved ones? Santorini offers outstanding options that provide the utmost in quality, service, and scenery. Imagine staying in sumptuous suites or villas that boast private pools and enthralling views. Here’s where you can find luxury and family-friendly amenities combined:

  • Andronis Arcadia: This five-star hotel in Oia not only provides magnificent sunset vistas but also features suites and villas with their own pools. A kids’ club, spa, restaurant, and bar are all on-site for your enjoyment. [See more].
  • Astra Suites: A prestigious five-star hotel situated in Imerovigli, known for its jaw-dropping caldera views and spacious accommodations with private jacuzzis or pools. Extra amenities include a common pool, spa, restaurant, and bar. [See more].
  • De Sol Hotel & Spa: Experience panoramic delights from this five-star retreat in Fira. Elite suites and villas come with private jacuzzis or pools. Enjoy additional conveniences such as the pool, spa, restaurant, and bar services. [See more].

Mid-Range Comforts with Exceptional Amenities

Seeking a blend of comfort, value, and relaxation for your family? Santorini’s mid-range hotels deliver quality without the steep price tag. They come equipped with excellent services and amenities that cater to families. Here are the finest choices for that sweet spot between luxury and affordability:

  • Hotel Thireas: A cozy four-star establishment in Fira presenting stunning caldera perspectives. Comfortable rooms and suites with private jacuzzis are available, along with a pool, breakfast options, and concierge service. [See more].
  • Tsitouras Collection: Also a four-star gem in Firostefani, this hotel offers elegant lodging with private jacuzzis or pools, alongside a pool, breakfast service, and a concierge for all your needs. [See more].
  • Santo Miramare Resort: Located in Perivolos, this four-star resort provides beachfront access and modern amenities, including rooms and suites with private balconies or terraces. Facilities include two pools, a spa, a restaurant, and a bar for family dining. [See more].

Budget-Friendly Stays without Compromise

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean skimping on comfort. In Santorini, there are affordable hotels that still offer solid services and facilities for the entire family. Here are the top budget-friendly stays that don’t sacrifice quality:

  • San Giorgio Villas: A practical three-star choice in Fira, boasting a handy location and neat rooms or suites with private balconies or terraces. Guests can enjoy breakfast services, a lounge area, and a tour desk. [See more].
  • Merovigliosso Apartments: This three-star hotel in Imerovigli commands caldera views and provides cozy rooms and apartments with balconies or terraces. Amenities include a pool, breakfast service, and a shuttle for easy exploring. [See more].
  • Aqua Blue Beach Hotel: Opt for a three-star beachfront stay in Perissa with light-filled rooms and suites offering private outdoor spaces. Enjoy the on-site pool, and treat your family at the restaurant and bar. [See more].


For a truly enchanting vacation, families look no further than Santorini. This island captivates with its breathtaking vistas, enthralling activities, and vibrant culture—all suitable for visitors of any age. To enhance your experience, it’s crucial to find the perfect place to stay. Our guide has highlighted essential criteria to help you identify the best family-friendly accommodations in Santorini, and provided a carefully curated list from sumptuous resorts to cozy, mid-range hotels, and even affordable havens. Whether your preference is to indulge, economize, or strike a happy medium, Santorini has the ideal hotel for your family’s needs. Don’t hesitate—plan your getaway now for an unforgettable family holiday in the mesmerizing Santorini!


Which part of Santorini is best for families?

Searching for the ideal spot in Santorini for your family retreat? Look no further than the picturesque village of Kamari. Boasting a stunning black pebble beach, a variety of eateries, and an array of activities, Kamari is a haven for families seeking both relaxation and adventure.

Is Santorini worth visiting with kids?

Absolutely! Santorini isn’t just for couples and honeymooners—families can enjoy an unforgettable holiday as well. The island offers ample opportunities for children to explore fascinating historical sites, splash in the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, and experience the vibrant local culture.

What hotel did the Kardashians stay in in Santorini?

The Kardashians, known for their lavish vacations, chose the opulent environs of Celestia Grand Villas in Santorini. This luxury villa complex not only provides stunning views and privacy but also exudes the posh elegance that caters to celebrity lifestyles.

What is a family friendly hotel?

A family-friendly hotel is one that caters to the needs of all ages. It’s a place where you’ll find amenities such as children’s activities, spacious rooms, and special services—all designed to ensure that each member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, has a delightful and comfortable stay.

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