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Santorini’s Cruise Ship Schedule 2024

Santorini, a top-tier destination for cruise enthusiasts, boasts an unparalleled charm with its world-renowned caldera, quintessential white-washed villages, and mesmerizing sunsets. Drawing millions to its shores, the island’s allure is particularly potent for those arriving aboard the majestic cruise ships.

Departure Times

Destination Company Departure Arrival Price Days Season
Amorgos Sea Jets 10:00 13:10 69.5 € Daily April – October
Anafi Blue Star Ferries 00:50 02:05 7.5 € Wed, Sat Year-round
Anafi Maistros Santorini 07:00 08:29 9 € Mon, Thu Year-round
Diafani Blue Star Ferries 00:50 13:00 24 € Wed, Sat Year-round
Folegandros Maistros Santorini 06:45 09:04 12 € Tue, Sat Year-round
Folegandros Zante Ferries 08:00 10:50 7 € Fri, Sun Year-round
Halki Blue Star Ferries 00:50 14:45 25.5 € Wed, Sat Year-round
Heraklion Blue Star Ferries 00:50 05:15 16 € Wed, Sat Year-round
Heraklion Sea Jets 10:00 11:55 69.5 € Daily April – October
Ios Maistros Santorini 06:45 07:59 10 € Tue, Sat Year-round
Ios Saos Ferries 08:55 10:55 6.6 € Tue, Fri Year-round
Ios Sea Jets 10:00 10:35 54.5 € Daily April – October
Kimolos Zante Ferries 08:00 12:15 14.5 € Fri, Sun Year-round
Kimolos Sea Jets 10:00 12:55 69.5 € Daily April – October
Karpathos Blue Star Ferries 00:50 11:40 27 € Wed, Sat Year-round
Kasos Blue Star Ferries 00:50 10:15 24 € Wed, Sat Year-round
Koufonissi Sea Jets 10:00 12:10 69.5 € Daily April – October
Milos Sea Jets 10:00 13:05 69.5 € Daily April – October
Milos Zante Ferries 08:00 13:20 16 € Fri, Sun Year-round
Naxos Blue Star Ferries 15:30 17:30 31 € Daily Year-round
Naxos Sea Jets 10:00 11:05 54.5 € Daily April – October
Naxos Saos Ferries 08:55 14:55 12.1 € Tue, Fri Year-round
Paros Blue Star Ferries 15:30 18:50 32.5 € Daily Year-round
Paros Sea Jets 10:00 10:40 49.5 € Daily April – October
Paros Saos Ferries 08:55 16:15 13.1 € Tue, Fri Year-round
Piraeus Blue Star Ferries 15:30 23:20 45.5 € Daily Year-round
Poros Sea Jets 10:00 11:40 39.5 € Daily April – October
Rafina Sea Jets 10:00 18:05 69.5 € Daily April – October
Rhodes Blue Star Ferries 00:50 16:40 26 € Wed, Sat Year-round
Serifos Zante Ferries 08:00 16:05 18 € Fri, Sun Year-round
Serifos Sea Jets 10:00 15:05 69.5 € Daily April – October
Sifnos Zante Ferries 08:00 15:00 13 € Fri, Sun Year-round
Sifnos Sea Jets 10:00 14:05 69.5 € Daily April – October
Sikinos Maistros Santorini 06:45 08:19 11 € Tue, Sat Year-round
Sikinos Zante Ferries 08:00 10:00 7 € Fri, Sun Year-round
Sikinos Sea Jets 10:00 11:10 54.5 € Daily April – October
Syros Saos Ferries 08:55 18:10 17.9 € Tue, Fri Year-round
Syros Zante Ferries 08:00 18:00 19 € Fri, Sun Year-round

Arrival Times

Origin Company Departure Arrival Price Days Season
Amorgos Sea Jets 13:10 16:20 69.5 € Daily April – October
Anafi Blue Star Ferries 02:05 03:20 7.5 € Wed, Sat All year round
Anafi Maistros Santorini 08:29 09:58 9 € Mon, Thu All year round
Anafi Saos Ferries 18:00 19:45 7.2 € Mon, Thu All year round
Diafani Blue Star Ferries 13:00 00:50 24 € Tue, Fri All year round
Folegandros Zante Ferries 10:50 13:40 7 € Fri, Sun All year round
Folegandros Saos Ferries 12:25 15:55 7.2 € Tue, Fri All year round
Folegandros Maistros Santorini 09:04 11:23 12 € Tue, Sat All year round
Folegandros Sea Jets 11:25 12:50 54.5 € Daily April – October
Halki Blue Star Ferries 14:45 00:50 25.5 € Tue, Fri All year round
Heraklion Blue Star Ferries 05:15 09:40 16 € Wed, Sat All year round
Heraklion Sea Jets 11:55 13:50 69.5 € Daily April – October
Ios Zante Ferries 09:20 10:40 6.5 € Fri, Sun All year round
Ios Saos Ferries 10:55 12:55 6.6 € Tue, Fri All year round
Ios Maistros Santorini 07:59 09:13 10 € Tue, Sat All year round
Ios Sea Jets 10:35 11:10 54.5 € Daily April – October
Karpathos Blue Star Ferries 11:40 00:50 27 € Tue, Fri All year round
Kasos Blue Star Ferries 10:15 00:50 24 € Tue, Fri All year round
Kimolos Zante Ferries 12:15 16:30 14.5 € Fri, Sun All year round
Kimolos Sea Jets 12:55 15:50 69.5 € Daily April – October
Koufonissi Sea Jets 12:10 14:20 69.5 € Daily April – October
Milos Zante Ferries 13:20 18:40 16 € Fri, Sun All year round
Milos Sea Jets 13:05 16:10 69.5 € Daily April – October
Mykonos Sea Jets 12:35 15:10 69.5 € Daily April – October
Naxos Saos Ferries 14:55 08:55 12.1 € Wed, Sat All year round
Naxos Sea Jets 11:05 12:10 54.5 € Daily April – October
Naxos Blue Star Ferries 17:30 19:30 31 € Daily All year round
Paros Saos Ferries 16:15 08:55 13.1 € Wed, Sat All year round
Paros Sea Jets 10:40 11:20 49.5 € Daily April – October
Paros Blue Star Ferries 18:50 22:10 32.5 € Daily All year round
Piraeus Zante Ferries 20:50 08:00 48 € Sat, Mon All year round
Piraeus Blue Star Ferries 23:20 06:40 45.5 € Daily All year round
Rafina Sea Jets 18:05 10:00 69.5 € Daily April – October
Rhodes Blue Star Ferries 16:40 00:50 26 € Tue, Fri All year round
Serifos Zante Ferries 16:05 21:25 18 € Fri, Sun All year round
Serifos Sea Jets 15:05 20:10 69.5 € Daily April – October
Sifnos Zante Ferries 15:00 20:20 13 € Fri, Sun All year round
Sifnos Sea Jets 14:05 18:10 69.5 € Daily April – October
Sikinos Zante Ferries 10:00 12:00 7 € Fri, Sun All year round
Sikinos Maistros Santorini 08:19 09:53 11 € Tue, Sat All year round
Sikinos Sea Jets 11:10 12:20 54.5 € Daily April – October
Syros Saos Ferries 18:10 08:55 17.9 € Wed, Sat All year round
Syros Sea Jets 13:55 17:40 69.5 € Daily April – October

Overview of Santorini as a Cruise Destination

As an integral part of the Greek Cyclades, Santorini’s tapestry is woven with deep historical and cultural threads. The island’s creation is a saga of cataclysmic volcanic eruptions, which annihilated the ancient civilization of Thera and birthed the iconic submerged crater. Now, it stands proudly as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, beckoning cruise passengers with a cornucopia of attractions. Engage in the wonders of the past at the Akrotiri archaeological site, wander through the enchanting streets of Oia, savor the exquisite local flavors and wines, or indulge in serenity on the unique black sand beaches.

Importance of the Cruise Industry to Santorini

The lifeblood of Santorini’s economy, the cruise sector is a cornerstone, infusing vitality into the local tourism scene. In 2019, per the Santorini Port Authority’s records, the island’s ports welcomed 636 cruise vessels, with an impressive tally of 937,630 passengers—solidifying its position as Greece’s second most frequented cruise port after Piraeus. This bustling industry not only fosters employment but also aids in safeguarding the island’s cherished heritage and natural splendor.

What to Expect from Santorini’s Cruise Schedule in 2024

The 2024 season for Santorini cruises is shaping up to be a diverse and vibrant showcase, featuring a plethora of liners and routes tailored to all preferences and financial plans. Whether you’re eyeing a luxurious journey, a premium experience, or a mainstream voyage, you’ll find options to explore not just Santorini, but the broader vistas of the Mediterranean, Aegean, or Greek islands. The slated vessels – including the prestigious Celestyal Olympia, the grand Norwegian Epic, the melodious MSC Musica, and the elegant Crystal Symphony – are but a glimpse of what awaits. For an exhaustive itinerary and precise timing of the arrivals and departures, consult the comprehensive Santorini Cruise Ship Timetable.

Key Highlights of Santorini’s 2024 Cruise Ship Itineraries

Embark on a marvelous journey with Santorini’s diverse cruise season in 2024. A spectrum of cruising experiences await, from the height of luxury to thrilling adventure, and rich cultural voyages. Discover the perfect match for your cruising style with our selection of ships and itineraries tailored to every traveler’s desires. Below are the standout moments you can anticipate in Santorini’s 2024 cruise ship offerings:

Featured Cruise Lines and Vessels

An array of esteemed cruise lines and majestic vessels will make their way to Santorini in 2024:

  • Celestyal Cruises: Immerse yourself in the Aegean charm with this Greek cruise line, known for delivering authentic experiences. In 2024, Celestyal Cruises will sail the Celestyal Discovery and Celestyal Journey—each accommodating 1,266 guests. Explore the Greek islands and Turkish coasts with 3-, 4-, and 7-night itineraries including the breathtaking Santorini.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: Experience the freedom of Freestyle cruising with flexible dining and entertainment options. The formidable Norwegian Epic, famed for its vast array of amenities and a 4,200-passenger capacity, will chart courses through the Mediterranean in 2024. Its 7-night itineraries cover captivating destinations like Santorini, along with ports in Greece, Italy, and France.
  • Silversea Cruises: Navigate in sumptuous luxury with Silversea Cruises. The exquisite Silver Spirit and Silver Wind, each housing 540 voyagers, offer personalized service and gourmet dining. Their 7-, 9-, and 11-night itineraries grace Santorini’s shores and extend to mesmerizing Mediterranean destinations, including Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and Cyprus.

Most Anticipated Arrivals of the Season

The 2024 Santorini cruise season will also debut some of the industry’s most innovative and sought-after vessels:

  • Odyssey of the Seas: Marking a first for European waters, this Royal Caribbean marvel carries 4,198 passengers and boasts extraordinary features, such as a skydiving simulator and a 360-degree observation capsule. Odyssey of the Seas will sail 7-night itineraries that take in Santorini amidst other iconic ports in Greece, Turkey, and Israel.
  • Resilient Lady: Witness the maiden Eastern Mediterranean journey of Virgin Voyages’ Resilient Lady, with its chic design and 2,700-passenger capacity. The ship emphasizes wellness, entertainment, and sustainability, offering 7-night cruises that showcase Santorini and visit other enchanting locales in Greece, Croatia, and Montenegro.
  • Vista: Be one of the first to experience Oceania Cruises’ inaugural Vista class vessel, a refined sanctuary for 1,200 guests. Enjoy a wealth of dining options, a spa, and more, across 7-, 10-, and 12-night voyages that feature Santorini, as well as explore ports in Greece, Italy, France, and Spain.

Special Themed Cruises and Voyages

Delve into unique interests on special themed cruises that will call upon the magic of Santorini:

  • Greek Islands and Turkish Delights: Step aboard Crystal Symphony from Crystal Cruises for a 10-night journey through myth and history. This exclusive route includes Santorini and other captivating ports across Greece and Turkey, skillfully blending ancient wonders, stunning landscapes, and local flavors.
  • Mediterranean Wine and Culinary Discovery: A gastronome’s dream, this Seabourn Encore voyage from Seabourn Cruise Line offers a 7-night exploration of Mediterranean tastes. Discover Santorini, and further indulge in the vineyards and culinary sites of Greece and Italy, enhanced by exclusive events and tastings.
  • Greek Isles and Turkey Adventure: Embrace the thrill of seafaring with Windstar Cruises aboard the Wind Star. This 7-night sailing adventure includes stops in Santorini and traverses Greece and Turkey’s hidden gems, perfect for those seeking the romance and mystique of traditional sailing.

Navigating Santorini’s Port: Facilities, Transfers, and Excursions

Welcome to Santorini! If you’re arriving on a cruise ship, you’re likely to dock at Athinios, the island’s primary port. Here’s a guide to help you get from the port to your next adventure, whether that’s checking in at your hotel or exploring Santorini’s stunning sights.

Understanding Santorini’s Port Facilities

The port of Athinios nestles at the base of the caldera, roughly 10 km south of Fira, the capital of Santorini. It’s a modest port with a few basic amenities like restrooms and a convenience store for necessities. The port has an air-conditioned waiting room which offers free WiFi—a boon for travelers, although it can become pretty hectic. If you’re feeling peckish or need a quick refreshment, a selection of restaurants, cafes, and mini-markets are within easy reach.

Although Athinios can accommodate up to 10,000 passengers daily, it’s known to become quite frenetic during the tourist season. To avoid the stress of long lines and potential delays, it’s wise to arrive early and come prepared.

Transportation and Transfers for Cruise Passengers

Upon arrival at Athinios, you’ll find a few transportation choices to get to your lodging or to start sightseeing on Santorini:

  • Taxi: There’s a taxi stand right at the port. You can flag down a cab or reserve one beforehand online. Taxis offer a swift and direct route to your destination but bear in mind they may be pricier and less available during peak times. The usual rate to Fira is around 20 euros, while a ride to Oia costs about 35 euros.
  • Public bus: The bus station at the port provides regular service to Fira and other island spots. Buses are an economical choice and run often. That said, they might be less comfortable, especially with luggage in tow. The bus fare from the port to Fira is 2.40 euros, and getting to Oia is 3.60 euros.
  • Private transfer service: You can arrange for a private transfer online or via your hotel, ensuring a driver meets you upon arrival at the port. These transfers offer a smooth trip to your destination and are known for their reliability, but they also come with a higher price tag and need to be booked in advance. A private car from the port to Fira typically costs around 35 euros, with the trip to Oia priced at 50 euros.

Recommended Shore Excursions and Tours for 2024

Maximize your Santorini experience by joining a shore excursion or tour that encapsulates the essence of the island. No matter your interests or budget, there’s something for everyone. The top recommended excursions for 2024 include:

  • Santorini Magic: Your Unforgettable Cruise Shore Adventure: This half-day tour takes you through Santorini’s iconic spots, including Oia, Firostefani, and the unique red and black beaches. Enjoy the perks of air-conditioned travel, an expert local guide, and a professional driver. Plus, you get some free time at each stop to enjoy as you please. It’s the perfect option for those wishing to capture the island’s splendor in a limited timeframe.
  • Best of Santorini customized private tour: Dive into a full-day tour customized entirely to your preferences. Travel comfortably in a private car with your own driver-guide, choosing exactly where you want to go and what you want to see—be it Akrotiri’s archaeological wonders, the volcanic vistas of Nea Kameni, or the island’s famed wineries. This tour is tailor-made for those seeking a truly personal touch to their Santorini exploration.
  • Santorini Shore Excursion: Private Tour: Get an intimate look at Santorini’s culture and history with a 4-hour private tour. This journey covers key locales like the ancient city of Thera, the Prehistoric Museum of Fira, Prophet Elias Monastery, and the quaint village of Pyrgos. Your knowledgeable guide will share insights into the island’s lore, making it an ideal choice for those eager to delve deep into Santorini’s storied past.

Maximizing Your Santorini Cruise Experience: Tips and Tricks for 2024

If you’re dreaming of a Santorini cruise, a bit of planning can take your experience from good to unforgettable. In the peak season, the idyllic island can get busy, but with these strategic tips and tricks for 2024, you’ll navigate your journey with ease—avoiding crowds, immersing in local culture, and helping preserve the stunning environment.

Best Times to Visit and How to Avoid the Crowds

For a serene Santorini visit, aim for spring (April-May) or autumn (September-October). These months offer delightful weather, more affordable rates, and fewer tourists. Springtime blooms and the golden hues of autumn vineyards add a special touch to your visit. On the other hand, summer (June-August) brings the heat, higher expenses, and the thickest crowds—especially when cruise ships arrive at Athinios port. Dodge the busy spots by wandering through off-the-beaten-path villages like Pyrgos, Emporio, and Megalochori. Alternatively, take an adventure around the island on a bike, scooter, or car. The bustling towns of Fira and Oia are best visited early morning or late evening, steering clear of the times around sunset when they become magnets for sunset seekers.

Local Events and Festivals Coinciding with Cruise Days

Santorini’s cultural tapestry is vividly displayed through its events and festivals. Align your cruise with the island’s 2024 calendar, and you’ll witness authentic Santorinian spirit firsthand. Some can’t-miss events include:

  • Ifestia Festival: Celebrate the island’s volcanic heartbeat with a dramatic reenactment of an eruption, complete with fireworks and music. This festival typically lights up the night on August’s third Saturday.
  • International Music Festival: A multi-genre music extravaganza, featuring classical, jazz, and modern acts in Fira’s atmospheric locales. This two-week festival is set in September.
  • Religious Feasts: Discover the soul of Santorini at its spiritual gatherings, especially during Easter, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (August 15), and the Holy Cross celebration (September 14).

Sustainable Cruising and Responsible Tourism in Santorini

The beauty of Santorini is fragile, and the pressures of tourism pose various challenges. To safeguard the island, practice responsible and sustainable tourism with these measures:

  • Show respect for traditions and customs, dressing modestly at religious sites.
  • Minimize waste, prioritize recycling, and shy away from single-use plastics.
  • Boost local businesses by choosing indigenous products and services over tourist-centric options.
  • Opt for public transport or eco-friendly alternatives instead of rentable cars or quads that add to congestion and pollution.
  • Select a cruise provider with a strong sustainability commitment and adhere to the directives of the cruise staff and port authorities.

Conclusion: Embracing the Wonders of Santorini in the 2024 Cruise Season

Discover the spellbinding allure of Santorini, a prime cruise destination that promises to enchant with its natural beauty, rich cultural tapestry, and culinary delights. Whether you’re stopping by for a short visit or planning an extended stay, you’ll find an array of options to meet your preferences and budget. With a wide selection of cruise lines, ships, and itineraries, you’re poised to explore the island’s iconic features—from the breathtaking caldera and charming villages to the pristine beaches.

Delve into Santorini’s vibrant local scene, experiencing fairs and festivals that give you a taste of genuine island life. Be mindful, though—Santorini’s allure brings its own challenges, chiefly its struggle with the impacts of mass tourism. To ensure a rewarding visit, it’s crucial to plan strategically, employing savvy tips to sidestep overcrowding, thus supporting sustainable tourism.

Exemplify responsible travel by respecting the local customs and natural environment, and by uplifting the local economy and society. By doing this, your Santorini cruise not only becomes a treasure trove of memories but also aids in safeguarding and enhancing this precious and delicate destination.

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey? The 2024 Santorini cruise adventure beckons. Act now to book your voyage and guarantee your place. Santorini awaits your arrival!


Can you walk from the cruise port in Santorini?

Walking from the cruise port in Santorini to the main towns is not recommended due to the steep and rugged terrain. Most visitors opt for cable car, donkey ride, or a shuttle bus to reach the picturesque towns above the cliffs.

What port do cruise ships use at Santorini?

Cruise ships visiting Santorini anchor near the old port of Fira, also known as Skala Pier. From there, passengers are tendered ashore by small boats.

What time do cruise ships leave Santorini?

The departure time for cruise ships from Santorini varies based on the itinerary. However, most ships typically depart in the evening, around sunset, providing guests with a stunning view of the caldera as they sail away.

How do I get from Oia to Santorini port?

To travel from Oia to the port in Santorini, you can take a public bus, a private transfer, or a taxi. The journey offers beautiful scenery along the way and takes approximately 30 minutes.

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