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Fly London to Naxos: Top Tips & Budget Finds

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Seeking a Greek island escape that perfectly blends breathtaking beaches, a wealth of culture, and mouthwatering cuisine? Look no further than Naxos. Recognized as the largest and most diverse island within the Cyclades group, Naxos caters to every traveler’s dream. Whether your heart yearns for the adventure of exploring ancient ruins, the tranquility of hiking through lush mountains, or the simple pleasure of lounging on pristine sands, Naxos delivers on all fronts.

Wondering how to journey there from London? Curious about snagging the best deals on flights, entry tickets, and places to stay? In this blog post, we’ll unveil essential tips and budget-friendly secrets to assist you in orchestrating your ideal voyage from London to Naxos. Discover optimal travel times, select the ideal airline and route, and unlock ways to enhance both your savings and overall experience. Ready to dive in?

Discovering the Cheapest Times to Fly

Finding the right timing can significantly reduce the cost of your flight from London to Naxos. The time of your flight, how early you book, and the season you select can greatly impact the price. Here, we offer tips on finding the most cost-effective times to fly, helping you save on your journey.

Utilising Price Forecast Tools

Employing price forecast tools is an excellent strategy for snagging the best flight deals. These tools leverage historical data and trends to foretell future prices, guiding you on the optimal times to book or hold off, and notifying you of price fluctuations. Renowned tools include Skyscanner, KAYAK, and Google Flights. They allow you to contrast dates, airlines, and routes to pinpoint the most affordable travel options tailored to your needs.

Identifying Low Season vs. High Season

The demand season greatly affects flight prices to Naxos. From June to September, the high season prevails with warm, sunny weather and a tourist buzz, typically driving prices up due to heightened demand. Conversely, the low season spans October to May, characterized by cooler, wetter weather and a more serene, less crowded island, often resulting in lower prices. Despite this, each season has its perks and drawbacks, depending on your Naxos experience preference. While high season floods the island with events, activities, and vibrant nightlife, low season offers a tranquil chance to enjoy its authenticity and natural beauty. Utilizing tools like Skyscanner, you can discover the most economical month to fly from London to Naxos, allowing you to choose the season that aligns with your interests.

Advice on Booking in Advance vs. Last Minute

When seeking the cheapest flights, the timing of your booking plays a crucial role. Booking ahead generally secures lower fares and better seat availability for sought-after destinations and during peak seasons. However, booking too early may cause you to miss out on later price reductions and deals. Conversely, snagging last-minute deals can offer savings, particularly for less popular destinations or during off-peak times. Yet, late bookings risk higher prices, diminished availability, and reduced travel flexibility. According to Skyscanner, booking your flight from London to Naxos about 5 weeks in advance can save you up to 15% on average.

Choosing the Right Airline and Route

Selecting an airline and route significantly influences both the cost and the quality of your journey from London to Naxos. When sifting through the various options, it’s crucial to weigh multiple factors such as price, travel time, comfort, and convenience. Below, you’ll find helpful advice on pinpointing the airline and route that ideally match your travel needs.

Comparing Budget and Regular Airlines

The distinction between budget and regular airlines is one of the first considerations. Budget airlines, like Wizz Air and SKY express, typically propose more affordable tickets but come with a set of restrictions, fees, and limitations. They might, for instance, impose additional charges for luggage, choosing seats, as well as for meals and beverages. Moreover, they may offer limited legroom, in-flight entertainment, and customer service. On the other hand, regular airlines such as Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air often command higher ticket prices but provide more perks, amenities, and flexibility. These may include complimentary luggage allowance, seat selection, meals, and beverages, alongside greater legroom, superior entertainment options, and enhanced customer service. Your choice between a budget or a regular airline should reflect your budget, preferences, and expectations for the journey.

Direct Flights vs. Multi-stop Options

Another point of differentiation is between direct and multi-stop flights. As indicated, direct flights transport you from one airport directly to another without any intermediate stops or aircraft changes. Conversely, multi-stop flights include one or several layovers en route. Direct flights are generally quicker, more straightforward, and alleviate much of the stress associated with travel, albeit at a higher cost and potentially less frequency. Multi-stop flights, while often less expensive and more frequent, tend to be slower, less convenient, and more demanding in terms of traveler patience. Based on your time availability, financial plan, and tolerance for inconvenience, you can make an informed decision on the flight type that best accommodates your requirements.

Exploring Alternative Airports and Routes

A final piece of advice for securing the ideal flight involves exploring alternative airports and routes. Occasionally, opting for a different airport or route can lead to savings in money, time, or both. For instance, you might compare flights departing from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, or London Luton to Naxos to determine which offers the most value. Alternatively, you could consider flights that arrive directly in Naxos or those that touch down on nearby islands, such as Mykonos or Santorini, followed by a ferry ride to Naxos. Your final decision should reflect your availability, flexibility, and willingness to explore.

Maximising Your Savings and Experience

Bundle Deals: Flights, Hotels, and Car Rentals

Booking everything in one go – your flight, hotel, and car rental – is a fantastic strategy for saving both money and time when you’re planning a trip to Naxos. Taking this route allows you to tap into discounts and special offers from travel sites and agencies. For instance, you might snag a return flight from London to Naxos for just £151 on Skyscanner, and pair it with a great deal on a hotel and car rental from Naxos Rent a Car. This option presents you with a broad selection of hotels and cars, plus the convenience of free delivery to the airport, port, or directly to your hotel. What’s more, a bundle deal offers the flexibility to tailor your travel dates and details to perfectly suit your itinerary.

Local Transport Tips: From Naxos Airport to Your Destination

Naxos Airport is situated approximately 3 km away from Naxos Town, the island’s capital and primary port. To get from the airport to your final destination, you have several transport options depending on what you prioritize: budget or convenience. The most economical choice is the public bus (KTEL), which maintains regular service between the airport, Naxos Town, and other island locations like villages and beaches. Check the Naxos Buses official website for the bus schedule and fare details. The bus stop is just outside the airport terminal, with tickets priced at €1.80 per person. Alternatively, for a quicker and more comfortable ride, you might consider taking a taxi. You can find taxis outside the airport or book in advance by contacting numbers listed on the airport’s website. A taxi ride to Naxos Town costs around €10, but this may fluctuate based on traffic and specific drop-off points. Renting a car is another option, offering the ultimate freedom and flexibility to explore Naxos at your own pace. Car rentals can be arranged at the airport or pre-booked online for airport delivery. A comparison of prices and deals from various car rental agencies can be easily done on KAYAK.

Additional Savings: Loyalty Programs and Discounts

To further enhance your savings and enjoy additional perks during your Naxos stay, consider joining hotel or business loyalty programs on the island. For example, signing up for the 18 Grapes Loyalty Club at the luxury hotel in Agios Prokopios beach offers members up to a 7% booking discount, 10% off at both Santana Beach Club and the hotel restaurant, alongside benefits like a free upgrade, cancellation flexibility, a welcome drink, and a parting gift. Registration details are available on the hotel’s website. Another opportunity is the Adventure Club by Maverik, a gas station and convenience store chain. This loyalty program lets you accumulate points on purchases, which can be redeemed for free items, discounts, or gift cards. Members also gain access to exclusive offers, coupons, and sweepstake entries. Enrollment can be done online or through the Maverik app, with more information available on their website.


In this blog post, we’ve shared some top tips and budget finds to help you plan your dream trip from London to Naxos. You’ve discovered how to find the cheapest times to fly, select the best airline and route, and maximise your savings and experience. By adopting these strategies, you can cut costs, save time, and avoid hassle, ensuring you have an unforgettable holiday in Naxos.

Naxos is a captivating island that has something for every traveler. Whether your idea of perfect bliss is lounging on the beach, delving into history and culture, or savoring the food and nightlife, Naxos delivers in full. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit one of Greece’s most splendid destinations.

What are you waiting for? Begin planning your journey now, and secure your flight, hotel, and car rental at the best rates. Remember to sign up for loyalty programs and discounts to enjoy even more benefits and rewards. It’s an opportunity you certainly don’t want to pass up!

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