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Discover St. George Beach, Naxos

St Georges beach, Naxos

If you’re in search of a tranquil and delightful escape on Naxos, Saint George beach should be at the top of your list. As the premier beach in Naxos town, Saint George beach promises a seamless vacation experience, boasting crystal clear waters, an abundance of amenities, and a wide array of activities. It’s particularly family-friendly, with its shallow, calm waters and ample protection from the winds, making it a safe haven for families with children. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the allure of Saint George beach, covering everything from activities and dining options to accommodation and why it stands out as one of the best beaches on Naxos island.

The Charm of St. George Beach

What exactly makes St. George Beach a favorite for both visitors and locals? Its charm lies in a multitude of reasons that beckon you to its shores. Let’s explore what sets this beach apart:

  • Location: Nestled close to the heart of Naxos Town, the island’s capital and main port, St. George Beach is remarkably accessible. Whether you’re strolling from within the town, driving, or taking a bus, getting there is a breeze. Its proximity to the airport also means you can dip your toes in its golden sands almost immediately upon arrival or savor a final swim before your departure.
  • Scenery: Spanning a long and expansive bay, this beach is celebrated for its golden sand and turquoise waters. Surrounded by lush green hills, it provides breathtaking views of the town and port. The northern edge of the beach is graced by the quaint chapel of Saint George, the beach’s namesake. Protected from the winds, the waters here are often serene and crystal-clear.
  • Amenities: St. George Beach prides itself on being well-organized, ensuring a comfortable and delightful beach experience. With an abundance of umbrellas and sunbeds for hire, alongside amenities like showers, changing rooms, and restrooms, your convenience is guaranteed. The beachfront is lined with an array of cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops for refreshing drinks, tasty snacks, meals, or picking up some souvenirs.
  • Activities: Far from being a mere spot for relaxation and sunbathing, St. George Beach is a hub of excitement and adventure. It offers an array of activities suitable for every age and interest, from water sports and sailing to windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, and diving. You can also embark on a boat tour to explore surrounding islands or rent a bike or car to discover the rest of Naxos.

As illustrated, St. George Beach caters to everyone, solidifying its status as one of the premier beaches on Naxos Island. Whether you’re in pursuit of a spot that’s family-friendly, romantic, or adventurous, St. George Beach will meet and exceed your expectations.

What to Do at St. George Beach

St. George Beach isn’t just for lounging in the sun and soaking up the tranquility; it’s a vibrant hub for adventure seekers and those eager to dive into new experiences. With activities catering to all ages and preferences, you’ll find everything from water sports and sailing, to windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, and diving. Beyond the waves, you can embark on a boat tour to uncover the secrets of nearby islands or rent a bike or car to explore the wonders of Naxos.

Among the top attractions at St. George Beach are the water sports. Nestled at the beach’s southern end is a water sports center brimming with opportunities to rent equipment or learn from seasoned instructors. Challenges await both novices and seasoned experts alike, offering an array of activities including jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, banana boat rides, parasailing, and more. For those inclined towards sailing, windsurfing, or kite surfing, the beach’s prime wind conditions are an added bonus. If a tranquil pace is more your style, snorkeling or diving into Naxos’s underwater splendor is a must. Numerous diving centers along the beach provide courses and excursions suitable for all experience levels.

Exploring St. George beach further, joining a boat tour to the adjacent islands presents a unique opportunity. Options vary from a full-day cruise to Koufonissia and Rina Cave, a semi-private venture to Antiparos, Caves Blue Lagoon or Rina Cave and Small Cyclades, or a day excursion to Delos and Mykonos. These tours offer a glimpse into the Cyclades’ pristine beauty, inviting you to swim in crystal-clear waters and learn about the area’s rich history and culture.

For those curious to uncover more of Naxos, renting a bike or car is an excellent way to explore. The beach features numerous rental shops, offering a wide selection of vehicles. Venture to Naxos’s enchanting villages like Apiranthos, Filoti, and Halki, immersing yourself in traditional architecture and local delicacies. Don’t miss out on historical landmarks such as the Temple of Demeter, the Portara, and the Kastro. Also worthy of exploration are Naxos’s other beaches, like Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, and Plaka, celebrated for their golden sands and turquoise waters.

It’s clear, St. George Beach is a treasure trove of activities ensuring that your stay is filled with fun and excitement. Embrace the joy and wonders of St. George Beach and make the most of your Naxos island adventure.

Where to Stay and Eat

St. George Beach isn’t just a fabulous spot for basking in the sun and reveling in the sea; it’s also an ideal location for exploring Naxos town and the island at large. The area boasts a diverse array of lodging and dining options, catering to various budgets and preferences.

When it comes to accommodations, you’re spoilt for choice with hotels, studios, apartments, and villas—all a stone’s throw from the beach. Among the highly acclaimed options are:

  • Saint George Hotel: This four-star establishment dazzles with modern rooms and suites, complemented by a swimming pool, spa, restaurant, and bar. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the beach and town, alongside top-notch service and facilities.
  • Naxos Beach Hotel: A cozy three-star hotel featuring spacious rooms and apartments, a swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant, and snack bar. Situated directly on the beach, it’s known for its welcoming staff.
  • Korali Boutique Hotel: A quaint two-star hotel offering elegant rooms, a rooftop terrace, breakfast room, and lounge. It’s nestled in a peaceful area, close to both the beach and town center.
  • Villa Flora Hotel: A homely one-star hotel with basic, clean rooms, a garden, terrace, and shared kitchen. It prides itself on a family-run atmosphere, ensuring a hospitable stay.

For dining, the beachfront and surrounding areas are sprinkled with cafes, bars, restaurants, and taverns. Here, you can savor an array of dishes ranging from local favorites to international cuisine. Noteworthy spots include:

  • Sarris Tavern: A charming tavern offering an extensive menu of seafood, meat, and vegetarian options, prepared with fresh, local ingredients. It features delightful outdoor seating with views of the beach and port.
  • Soulatso: A vibrant bar and cafe known for its drinks, snacks, and desserts, in a setting that pulses with music and entertainment. Its funky decor and lively atmosphere make it a standout venue.
  • Nostimon Hellas: An elegant restaurant blending Mediterranean and European cuisines with a creative touch. The ambiance is romantic and intimate, complemented by courteous and attentive service.

In summary, St. George Beach offers a wealth of accommodation and dining choices to ensure your stay is both comfortable and memorable. You’re guaranteed an immersive experience in Naxos hospitality that caters to every taste and need.


St. George beach, nestled on Naxos Island, stands out as an idyllic retreat for those seeking both relaxation and adventure. This picturesque sandy haven boasts crystal clear waters against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, making it an enchanting destination. Beyond its natural charm, the beach offers an array of activities designed to thrill and engage. Whether you’re drawn to the adrenaline of water sports, sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, or diving, St. George beach caters to every taste. For those keen on exploration, the nearby islands and the wider Naxos region are accessible for discovery via boat tours, biking, or driving. Complementing these experiences are diverse accommodation and dining options, ensuring visitors find comfort and culinary delights that align with their budgets and preferences. St. George beach promises a universal appeal, guaranteeing that it holds something special for each visitor. Wait no more, embark on your journey to St. George beach and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty and warmth of Naxos Island.

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