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2024 Guide to Mykonos-Tinos Ferry: Schedules, Prices & Tips

Embarking on a journey to the enchanting island of Tinos from Mykonos? You must be curious about the ferry travel logistics. Tinos, a gem within the Cyclades, is renowned for its rich religious and cultural heritage, breath-taking landscapes, and quaint villages. No matter if you’re in search of a serene spiritual retreat, a laid-back escape, or an action-packed vacation, Tinos promises an unforgettable experience for all types of travelers.

But the question remains: how does one get from Mykonos to Tinos by ferry? Navigating through the various ferry schedules, understanding the different fares, and ferry types, and knowing how to secure your ticket reservations while catching the best deals are all crucial bits of information for a seamless voyage. No worries—this guide is crafted to address every query you might have, empowering you to organize your excursion to Tinos with utmost ease and certainty.

Ferry Schedule and Types

Discover the wonders of Tinos with an easy trip from Mykonos by ferry. This guide covers everything from schedules and ferry types to essential booking tips for a smooth journey.

Daily and Seasonal Schedules

The Mykonos-Tinos ferry route operates year-round with multiple crossings. Enjoy 2-3 daily trips during the off-peak season and up to 8-9 during the bustling summer months. Set sail as early as 07:35, arriving by 08:10, with the last ferry departing at 18:00 for a 18:20 arrival. Remember, timings can change based on seasonal demands and weather conditions, so always confirm the latest schedule prior to your voyage.

Standard vs High-Speed Ferries

Select from a fleet, including Blue Star Ferries, Seajets, and others, for your Mykonos-Tinos sea passage. The trip is brief, taking between 15 to 35 minutes based on your choice of standard or high-speed vessels. Standard ferries save money but take a bit longer, while high-speed ferries offer a quicker experience at a higher cost but often include more comforts and amenities such as air-conditioning and on-board refreshments.

Recommended Timing for Bookings

To secure your spot on this popular route, especially in summer, book your tickets ahead of time. You can reserve your crossing online with convenience and confidence, either via the ferry companies’ sites or through trusted platforms like Ferryhopper or Direct Ferries. These services not only simplify your ticket purchase but also allow for quick price and schedule comparisons. They can facilitate your full trip planning with additional services such as port transfers and hotel reservations.

Pricing and Budgeting for Your Trip

As you solidify your ferry schedule and select the appropriate type for your journey from Mykonos to Tinos, your next step is to evaluate the expenses associated with the voyage. This segment offers insights on the standard ferry ticket prices, the premium for opting for high-speed services, the discounts and deals you may encounter, and the additional costs that should be accounted for in your planning.

Standard Ferry Ticket Prices

The fare for the Mykonos-Tinos route starts at an accessible rate of €8 for those traveling without a vehicle and from €64 for those bringing a car. Note that prices may vary based on factors like the time of year, availability, and the ferry company you choose. For instance, Blue Star Ferries often has the most economical offerings, whereas companies like Seajets and Golden Star Ferries may charge more. To secure the best value, compare rates on platforms like Ferryhopper or Direct Ferries.

High-Speed Ferry Premium

Should you prefer a swifter and more comfortable transit, a high-speed ferry could be your preference; nevertheless, it comes with a higher fare. Expect to pay between €7 and €79 extra, varying by provider and whether you’re transporting a vehicle. For example, a pedestrian ticket on Fast Ferries is priced at €15, whereas a car ticket with Seajets is €143. To purchase high-speed ferry passes, visit booking sites like Ferryhopper or Direct Ferries.

Discounts and Deals

Curious about budget-friendly options for your Mykonos to Tinos ferry trip? Look out for special discounts ferry companies may offer to specific groups such as students, seniors, and children, as well as for large groups or round-trip purchases. Additionally, watch for seasonal promotions, early bird specials, last-minute bargains, and loyalty rewards. Ferryhopper and Direct Ferries are useful tools that display the lowest fares currently available to help you snag the best deals.

Additional Costs to Plan For

Your budget should also include various ancillary expenses, such as transfers to the port, accommodation, meals, beverages, and recreational activities. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Port transfer: Reach the port of Mykonos via bus (€1.80/person), taxi (€15-20/ride), or book a private transfer (€25-35/ride) through services like Ferryhopper or Direct Ferries.
  • Accommodation: In Tinos, accommodation ranges from budget-friendly hostels to upscale resorts, with an average double room costing €50-60 per night, escalating to €200-300 during peak season. Book through platforms like Ferryhopper or Direct Ferries.
  • Food and beverages: Relish the authentic local cuisine for about €10-15 per person at a taverna, enjoy a coffee for €2-3, or a cocktail for €5-10. Grocery shopping? Budget around €20-30 for a week’s worth of supplies.
  • Activities: Tinos caters to a variety of tastes with offerings like biking (€10-15/day), surfing (€20-30/hour), and diving (€40-50/dive). Cultural sites such as Panagia Evangelistria church and Tinos Marble Museum are accessible either free of charge or for a nominal fee.

Travel Tips for a Smooth Ferry Experience

You’ve secured your ferry passage from Mykonos to Tinos and are poised for an unforgettable journey. To ensure a seamless ferry experience, follow our expert travel tips, covering optimal travel times, check-in protocols, in-transit comforts, plus insights on your ports of arrival and departure.

Best Time to Travel

Selecting the ideal time for your Mykonos-Tinos ferry ride balances personal preference with your budget. If lower costs and fewer tourists appeal to you, consider traveling during the off-peak season between October and April. Be mindful that you might encounter cooler, rainy days, and some services or attractions could be less accessible. On the flip side, basking in the warm, lively aura of peak season from May to September has its charm, though it comes with steeper prices and busier ports. For a compromise, the shoulder seasons of May to June and September to October offer milder weather, reduced rates, and smaller crowds, without the extreme peaks of tourist influx.

Checking In: What You Need to Know

Before embarking from Mykonos to Tinos, you must check in to receive your boarding pass. Either check in online to sidestep port queues or visit the port’s ticket office with your confirmation or ID in hand. Opting for online check-in allows you to print your boarding pass or store it on your mobile device. Please arrive at the port a minimum of 45 minutes before departure, since check-in shuts 30 minutes prior. Travelers with vehicles or pets should notify the ferry service upon booking and adhere to their specific check-in and boarding guidelines.

Onboard Services and Amenities

Your voyage from Mykonos to Tinos is made enjoyable by a suite of onboard amenities. Standard ferries provide open decks, cozy indoor seating, and snack bars for your pleasure and convenience. Select a high-speed ferry for a touch of luxury, with premium seats, air-conditioned environments, and access to cafes and bars. Most ferry services enhance your experience with complimentary Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, reading material, and games. For detailed offerings, reference the ferry companies’ websites or booking platforms like Ferryhopper or Direct Ferries.

Navigating Arrival and Departure Ports

Your gateway on Mykonos is the New Port in Tourlos, just 2 km from Mykonos Town and accessible by bus, taxi, or private transfer. Transfer costs vary, with buses offering the most economical option at €1.80 per passenger. Upon reaching Tinos, Tinos Town’s port welcomes you, where buses, taxis, or car rentals facilitate your next leg. Transportation pricing is reasonably varied, ensuring a mode fitting your budget and preferences, all bookable through platforms like Ferryhopper or Direct Ferries.


As we wrap up this comprehensive guide on the Mykonos-Tinos ferry service, including schedules, prices, and travel tips, we trust it has been enlightening and helps you confidently plan your journey to Tinos. Keep in mind these crucial takeaways:

  • Ferry services between Mykonos and Tinos are consistently available throughout the year, offering a selection of ferry types to cater to your preference.
  • The cost of a ferry ticket is quite reasonable, with variations based on the season, seat availability, and the particular ferry company you opt for. Be on the lookout for online deals and discounts to save even more.
  • To ensure a smooth trip, it is advisable to purchase your ferry tickets ahead of time, select either online check-in or port check-in, and aim to be at the port at least 45 minutes prior to departure.
  • The journey can be made more enjoyable by taking advantage of the facilities on board, such as comfortable seating, viewing decks, cafes, bars, Wi-Fi access, and entertainment options, which vary by ferry service.
  • Convenient transportation to and from the ports in both Mykonos and Tinos is accessible through buses, taxis, or private transfers. Don’t forget that you can arrange your port transfers, hotel stays, and car rentals online with ease.

    Now that you’re equipped with all the necessary information on the ferry link between Mykonos and Tinos, the next step is yours to take. Book your ferry tickets today and gear up for an unforgettable adventure on the stunning island of Tinos—you’re sure to cherish the experience!


How long is the ferry from Mykonos to Tinos?

The ferry journey from Mykonos to Tinos typically takes approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the ferry service you choose.

How do I get from Mykonos to Tinos by boat?

To travel from Mykonos to Tinos by boat, you can book a ticket with one of the several ferry operators that provide regular services connecting the two islands.

How much is the ferry from Tinos to Mykonos?

Ferry prices from Tinos to Mykonos can vary, typically ranging from around €20 to €30, depending on the type of service and seating options you select.

What is the fastest ferry to Tinos?

The fastest ferry connection to Tinos is usually offered by high-speed ferries that can make the trip in as little as 20 minutes.

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